Grace C & Iwia A – The Audition

Among Alis Locanta’s most notable virtues as an artist is his versatility. He’s as comfortable and confident with richly detailed long form narratives as he is with virtually plot-free single-girl masturbation features. “The Audition” boasts the spare simplicity of a single girl production, with the added bonus of featuring two girls.

And Locanta has cast a particularly appealing pair here: Iwia A and Grace C. The film takes place in a colorful, simple, and stylishly decorated bedroom. Grace sits on the bed studying a script and helps Iwia with her lines as she films an audition video with a tripod-mounted camera. This scant bit of “plot” is something of a visual appetizer and once the auditioning is done the girls devote their attention to one another. With Iwia nude and on all fours, Grace slides underneath her and delicately licks and kisses her pussy and clit. Then Grace strips off her white panties and tank top and Iwia returns the favor.

There’s nothing dramatic, theatrical, or overblown about this interlude, it’s simply two exceptionally beautiful girls enjoying a bit of casual but rewarding lesbian sex play. After fingering Grace from behind the two petite beauties recline, side by side, and using a single hand apiece, masturbate each other to orgasm simultaneously.
Iwia A, Grace C, and Alis Locanta all pass “The Audition” with flying colors.

Iwia A – Wet Dreams

Morning becomes electric in “Wet Dreams,” the latest SexArt HD erotic movie from Jocelyn Joplin. A beautiful young woman awakes from what could only have been an erotic dream. As Iwia savors the dream imagery lingering in her mind, her fingers go to work under the sheets and she’s swept away on a wave of autoerotic fantasy. But where does fantasy end and reality begin?

By leaving this question unanswered director Joplin pulls us into an irresistible world of imagination, passion, and exquisite pleasure. One moment we’re in a young woman’s bedroom as she pleasures herself, the next moment we’re in her mind watching as she’s joined by her dream lover, Johny D, for an uninhibited session of early morning lovemaking. As Iwia’s passion builds, so does her hunger and intensity. And as “Wet Dreams” moves to its ultimate climax we move between her worlds, fantasy and reality. Is she dreaming or is this real? Either way, you’ll never want “Wet Dreams” to end.

Denisa Heaven & Iwia A – Need You

Denisa Heaven has caught her long term boyfriend Johny D cheating. The discovery has devastated her to the brink of emotional destruction. Denisa only has one place to turn, her best friend Iwia.

Denisa rushes to Iwia for emotional support and finds much more than she could have ever hoped for. They realize after all these years their love for each other runs more deeply than friends. They can’t wait to touch each other, and find themselves overwhelmed with passion and desire to make love to one another, in Need You.

Iwia A – So 60’s

It’s as if we’ve traveled back in time and landed in the Swinging 60s. We’re in the kitchen as a stylish young couple prepare a meal. Perfectly chic and completely en vogue, Iwia tends to the cooking while Jay Dee helps out by setting the table — and cracking jokes and clowning around.

But soon things take a serious turn. Their appetite for food is quickly becoming a hunger for one another. Jay seduces Iwia even as she stands at the stove, and piece by stylish piece, he removes her picture-perfect outfit. By the time he’s stripped her down to her little white panties the heat in the kitchen is almost overwhelming. Forget the food, it’s time for the main course…each other!

Iwia A – Licentious

One lazy evening, Iwia was bored and lying around her flat. As she looks over her apartment for something to cure her boredom, she finds an old photographic book about sex. As she begins to turn the pages, her mind begins to race with erotic fantasies as the licentious stories consume her mind with sexual desire.

Watch Iwia take you through her sensual journey you won’t forget and why she has become a MetArt favorite.

Dido A & Iwia A – Presenting Iwia

Iwia is a beautiful brunette who has never experienced making love to a girl before. Fortunately, her friend Dido spending a vacation with her and she’s eager to teach her the ropes in pleasing another woman. She invites Iwia to take a bath with her and starts seducing her in the tub. Dido licks Iwia’s puffy nipples before proceeding to give her a mind-blowing tongue action on her pussy. They both got turned on so hard that they take turns in pleasing each other’s pussy and savoring each other’s juices.