Emylia Argan & Gina Gerson – Assimilation

Gorgeous Gina Gerson licks and kisses busty Emylia Argan’s neck and shoulders with unrestrained passion, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Assimilation” begins.

Emylia is perched on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and Gina kneeling behind her. Gina is wild, tugging down Emylia’s camisole with her teeth so her huge natural breasts tumble out, squeezing them avidly and reaching around to stroke her pussy through her panties. It’s a delicious contrast when Emylia peels off Gina’s lingerie to expose her sexy small breasts, lapping at her stiff nipples until she’s squirming with excitement, then sucking and biting her pussy through her panties.

She gets the slender cutie naked, and Gina lies back, shivering and moaning with arousal as her skilful lover licks her ultra-sensitive shaved slit. She grows even louder as Emylia thrusts two fingers into her tight pussy while tonguing her clit, making her petite body convulse with orgasmic sensations. Emylia is relentless, using both hands to drive Gina to peak after peak of pleasure. Pushing her onto her back, Emylia straddles Gina’s pretty face, grinding her unshaven pussy on her mouth. Gina reaches up to fondle Emylia’s heavy tits as she eats her to a powerful orgasm. But she’s not done with her fuck buddy yet, and rolls her onto her front so she can finger-bang her juicy pussy from behind, until she climaxes again.
It’s lesbian love at its most intensely lustful.

Gina Gerson & Linda Sweet – Skyline

Synopsis: Andrej Lupin’s “Skyline” opens on an elegant and romantic note as Linda Sweet and Kristof Cale admire the nighttime view from the veranda of their home high in the hills. But the couple is not alone – in the background a female figure can be seen watching them. And when the watcher – Gina Gerson – walks up and joins them the night begins to simmer, then sizzle, and then scorch as the trio give in completely to their overwhelming mutual attraction.

It starts with a kiss as Linda and Gina savor the sweetness of each other’s lips – Linda even waves Cale off when he dares to caress her. But Kristof eventually becomes a full participant, getting his cock sucked by both beauties before slender vixen Gina takes his erection deep inside her while Linda takes a seat on his hungry mouth. Gerson, sweet, intense, and vocally expressive, quickly reaches the first of several orgasmic peaks. After Gerson climbs off Cale, Sweet climbs on and enjoys a similarly satisfying ride on Kristof’s staff.

After making love in several additional positions and combinations the two beauties are finally satisfied, and Cale piston his prong into Sweet’s glistening pink slit until he’s pumped a creamy load deep within her. Nude and glowing with satisfaction, the lusty trio then stand at the balustrade taking in the beauty of the “Skyline” and looking forward to what additional pleasures this wild night may yet have in store for them.

Gina Gerson – Don’t Say Goodbye

Andrej Lupin’s “Don’t Say Goodbye” begins on a somber note. A young couple walk reluctantly through a garage. He places his suitcase in his car, they embrace one last time, he gets in the car and turns the key. The pain of separation is plain on both their faces. But then he has second thoughts. He kills the ignition and steps from the car. Her sad face suddenly shifts to surprise and delight – they fly into each others’ arms and kiss with ecstatic, unrestrained, loving passion.

The emotional weight of this introduction, and the effortless skill of these two performers, is truly impressive. She is Gina Gerson, a slender, waif-like Russian beauty. He is Thomas Lee, a stalwart leading man in numerous Lupin productions. Together they make magic – their connection, their romance, and their all-consuming hunger for each other adds rich, compelling dimension to “Don’t Say Goodbye.” And that sense of longing, of raw desire, of love in its emotional and physical forms, makes their sexual union all the more moving. They make love on the spot, against the wall and on the floor of the garage.

Parting is, indeed, such sweet sorrow, but in “Don’t Say Goodbye” it’s also the catalyst for a richly rewarding erotic cinema experience.