Amarna Miller & Frida – Neighbors Episode 1 – New Love

Bisexual beauties Amarna Miller and Frida wind up in a passionate embrace while the men are out on the town, in “Neighbors – New Love,” the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s highly arousing erotic movie series.

One moment they are chatting as sexy redhead Amarna juices oranges, the next moment Frida grabs her and kisses her ardently, getting an equally heated response. Armana perches up on the kitchen island as Frida takes off her top and bra and sucks on her beautiful breasts ravenously. She peels off Amarna’s tight yoga pants and rubs her pussy, then pulls off her panties too and goes down to eat her unshaven pussy. Amarna lies back, spread-eagled as Frida licks her clit and finger-bangs her juicy slit frantically, making her writhe and cry out as the blissful sensations overwhelm her.

Naked, Frida kneels on the island with her perfect ass in the air so Amarma can lick and frig her from behind. Amarna spreads her juicy pink folds open and tongues her skilfully, flipping her onto her back and using both hands to stimulate her. She straddles Frida on the countertop and the horny brunette frigs her to another explosive orgasm. As their evening continues with sweet caresses and kisses, it’s clear they are reaping the benefits of neighborly love.

Frida & Whitney Conroy – The Road Goes On

Italy’s Alis Locanta begins his latest SexArt creation, “The Road Goes On,” with a sequence featuring his two stars in a series of public places – a train station, the backseat of a car, and strolling through a bustling city center. Despite the casual, spontaneous nature of this introductory footage, it becomes immediately apparent that there’s a strong undercurrent of erotic attraction between these two beautiful women – but even the very public kiss Whitney Conroy and Frida share on a crowded thoroughfare only hints at the depth and breadth of that attraction.

Locanta lets his performers set the pace, and once they’re alone their playful flirtation blossoms into a powerful and mutual sexual yearning. Set in three distinctly different locations in a sophisticated and elegant home, “The Road Goes On,” flows from one orgasmic highlight to the next to create a journey into exquisitely beautiful lesbian erotica and romance.
Once you’ve entered the world of “The Road Goes On” you’ll never want it to end.

Dido A & Frida – Be My Slave

Lola and Frida are very close friends, but Lola wants to take their relationship to a completely different level. Frida is reluctant at first — after all, what her friend is suggesting might be considered an “indecent proposal” — but Lola is as persistent as she is persuasive. Lola begs, she cajoles, she pleads, and finally Frida agrees. What follows is an extended interlude of exploration and experimentation in a world of previously forbidden pleasures.

In Alis Locanta’s latest SexArt creation he employs techniques as old as cinema itself along with the sleek technology of today to capture the erotic interplay of mistress and servant, dominant and submissive, pleasure-giver and pleasure-taker. By the time the twosome’s erotic adventures have reached their final peak these beauties — and their relationship — are changed forever. And to think, it all began with three simple words: “Be My Slave.”