Elaina Raye – White Room II

Share a delightful afternoon with Elaina Raye and Tyler Nixon as they meet for the first time in the SexArt Mansion’s White Room.

A room reserved for special couples, Elaina and Tyler fit right in as they discover each other’s bodies, mind and spirit. Elaina starts out by herself, bringing herself to heightened orgasm, then Tyler joins her for an afternoon of pure delight in, White Room 2.

Elaina Raye – Amor Joven

Logan is in the Canary Islands for business and has spent the better part of the day going over stocks and off shore investments with a bunch of stuffy, 60 year-old business men. But Logan can’t seem to concentrate as his mind is somewhere else…

See, Logan has been to the islands before. A few years back he and a couple of buddies flew out to the islands on vacation. It was then that Logan met Elaina, and for one night they shared a magical moment of lovemaking. They promised each other they would be together again but the distance between them proved too far. Eventually life moved on for Logan until before he knew it, years had gone by.

But now Logan is only an hour’s drive away. He excuses himself from the meeting to go to the rest room and the moment he makes it out the door he hops into his car and speeds off to that special place where they once promised to meet. See what happens when they are reunited in, Amor Joven.