Cindy Starfall & Malena Morgan – Release The Dragon

Chinatown. Night. The sky is crystal clear as the Dragon’s eye looks down upon the Earth where two young souls are about to join in extreme sexual heat. Having just landed at LAX from Paris, Malena Morgan is spirited off to meet Cindy Starfall for dinner in a secret garden deep in the heart of Chinatown.

The two have never met before, but they know each other. For months Malena has been hearing of Cindy, watching her in her movies, wanting to taste Cindy’s Asian charms… Tonight she will get more than her fill as she and Cindy finally meet outside, under the stars in, Release The Dragon.

Cindy Starfall & Marica Hase – Undercover Dangerous

Kyoto Japan. Agent William Dangerous is airdropped into the Kyoto mountains with his trusty one hundred and fifteen thousand dollar Fisker Karma. Once there his mission is to meet Agent Cindy Starfall and Special Agent Marica Hase for debriefing. But Agent Dangerous takes an unexpected detour to meet his one and only love, and now rogue agent, Red One.

On the edge of the road Agent Dangerous embraces Agent Red One. They kiss passionately when suddenly everything goes wrong. Agent Red One has not only gone rogue, she’s now his sworn enemy and tries to do Agent Dangerous in. Join Agent Dangerous as he discovers his love, rogue agent Red One, has turned the tables and warned the forces of Evil of his arrival in, Undercover Dangerous.

Cindy Starfall – Gypsy Fortune

What would you do if you stumbled upon an antique fortune teller’s booth on your way home from work late one night? Would you seize the magic of the moment and have your fortune read?

Or would you turn and walk away? That’s the strange and wonderful situation Logan Pierce finds himself in after a long day at the office — and he chooses to listen to the robotic carnival gypsy’s predictions. But even as he listens he has no real idea of what the future holds. Unsure of what’s to come he follows the gypsy’s advice and enters a realm of limitless pleasure. You, too, can enter that realm and experience that pleasure in “Gypsy Fortune.”