Charlotte Stokely, Elle Alexandra, Malena Morgan – Lingerie

In Beverly Hills California there is a lingerie store somewhere off Rodeo Drive. It’s very exclusive so we can’t reveal the name of the establishment, But I’ll give you a hint. You can find it by looking up and following the mature palm trees, just past the Beverly Hills Library.

It’s a Lingerie store for the rich and famous. A place where beautiful young Hollywood starlets can shop for sexy outfits, and if the mood should strike…

Charlotte Stokely – Ivory

There are many sides to Charlotte Stokely, the funny Charlotte, the cute Charlotte, the sexy Charlotte and the sincere Charlotte. There is also the erotic Charlotte, this Charlotte is perhaps the most powerful, most alluring, and most sexual of all the women here at SexArt.

Watch Charlotte, turn the bath into a steamy seduction of erotic pleasure like no one else can, in Ivory.

Charlotte Stokely & Jasmine W – Above The Clouds

There is this house in Malibu in the mountains way above the clouds where Jasmine has decided to stay while she collects her thoughts and meditates on life. There she is driven to explore her orgasm while lying by the fireplace.

But little does she know that Charlotte is also there waiting and watching. See what happens when she sneaks over to Jasmine in search of her own orgasm.

Charlotte Stokely – Stoked

She’s charming, she’s funny, she’s super sexy, and best of all, it’s all real. Spend the next 8 minutes with Charlotte and get to know her like I did. You’ll find what every guy hopes to find. Someone who can delight your soul and turn you on at the same time.

Go with Charlotte as she takes us on an erotic journey through some of her most intimate thoughts and erotic moments, then watch her explode into orgasm.

Charlotte Stokely & Malena Morgan – The Artist

Malena Morgan is in her art room on a beautiful sunny day at her Malibu hide-a-way. She’s invited Charlotte over to paint her portrait. But after an hour of staring at Charlotte’s beautiful naked body, Malena is overcome with sexual desire.

It’s not long after that that the two women make love for the very first time.