Il Lungo Addio

The title of Alis Locanta’s “Il Lungo Addio” means “The Long Goodbye” in English, and he’s subtitled the film “Goodbye My Love,” to underscore the theme of looming separation. And so we have a downcast Juan Lucho bidding farewell to Cayenne Klein as he drops her off at the station. But as Cayenne heads off with her luggage, and Lucho walks sadly away, the blonde has second thoughts. She joyfully returns to the arms of her lover and spontaneously cancels her trip. Back at home the couple celebrate their unbroken union by enjoying a long, loving, and joyous session of lovemaking.

Lucho expresses his love for Cayenne by treating her to an extended bout of enthusiastic cunnilingus that leaves her glowing with satisfaction and beaming with joyous affection. Ms. Klein is no less enthusiastic when it comes to administering oral delight, and delivers a thorough sucking and stroking to her lover’s throbbing tool. Next she straddles Lucho and enjoys a vigorous ride in the reverse cowgirl stance before segueing into the spoon position with orgasmic results, finally ending up on her back as Juan pumps to an ecstatic eruption.

The smiles of bliss, love, and joy on Cayenne Klein’s beautiful face speak volumes – the film may spring from the pain of separation, but the lovers so sincerely portrayed in “Il Lungo Addio” are going to stay together for a long time to come!

Cayenne Klein, Luna, Whitney Conroy – The Writer – Free Spirit

Episode 6 of Alis Locanta’s “The Writer” series is titled “Free Spirit.” While that term is an apt description of virtually all the characters in the series thus far, here it refers to a new arrival, Cayenne Klein. Headliner Luna incorporates the slender, leggy, blonde – who she describes as a “naughty angel” – in a new story she’s working on, and pairs her in the fictional narrative with one of her “real life” lovers, Franck Franco. While there’s been no shortage of lesbian love-play between Luna and her neighbor, Whitney Conroy, in previous installments of the series, their scene in “The Writer – Free Spirit” is particularly notable.

It begins with Luna in a playful mood and with Whitney preoccupied and standoffish, but once she gives in to the seduction the sex they share – and the orgasms they treat each other to – are exceptionally intense, powerful, and passion-fueled. Cayenne Klein’s trysts with Franco don’t lack in passion by any means, and Ms. Klein brings a lighthearted, almost giddy, joy to their scenes together, frequently adding a spontaneous, kittenish smile or giggle to express her pre-orgasmic pleasure. Viewers of the series may not be surprised by an unexpected plot development at the end of “The Writer – Free Spirit,” but it’s guaranteed to whet their appetites for whatever enticing twists and torrid erotic turns the series takes in upcoming episodes.

Bailey & Cayenne Klein – Breakthru

The flirtation begins on a train speeding through an urban landscape – hands gently touching, fingers entwined, a shared glance, words whispered in an ear, a smile spreading in anticipation. Next, silence. Two hearts beating. The rush and bustle of the train has been replaced by the peace, quiet, and serenity of a secure and secluded space.

Now the flirtation can take wing, and the dance of love begins in earnest. Italy’s Alis Locanta has imbued his latest creation for SexArt with an extra bit of his signature style but he keeps the natural interaction of his players front and center. And the stars of “Breakthru,” blonde and fair-skinned Cayenne Klein and bronzed, raven-tressed Bailey (making her SexArt debut), go about their love making as if they were alone in their own private world, intoxicated and aroused by the touch, feel, taste, and scent of each other, with one ardent mutual desire, to “Breakthru” to ever higher levels of passion and unbridled orgasmic delight.

Cayenne Klein – The Only One

A young woman and her lover – Cayenne Klein and Franck Franco — paddle a small boat on a sun-dappled lake as “The Only One” begins. Only moments into Alis Locanta’s latest release one thing is abundantly clear: these two are blissfully in love. With this bit of information established, and a couple of cutaways to foreshadow what comes next, the setting changes to a bedroom, and the couple proceeds to give their emotional connection a distinctly physical expression.

The tryst begins on a loving and tender note, and no matter how intense their passion becomes — and it becomes, very, very passionate – the sense of romance is ever-present. Cayenne Klein, making her SexArt debut, is a vision of long-haired loveliness and the fire and passion of this encounter carries with it an extra dose of genuine intimacy – we really are witnessing something special here.

In “The Only One,” the romance looks, sounds, and feels exceptionally and vividly true.