Cassie Laine – L’EAU

Cassie Lane is simply the most innocent and most beautiful young lady to hit the SexArt screen. Her soft white skin and big round eyes are sweet enough to make honey bees jealous. Cassie has a secret hide-a-way in the hills where she likes to play by the fountain.

Then she slips into her private library for an intimate sexual experience, then it’s back to the fountain where Cassie discovers the sound of water that causes her to so something no one ever expected.

Cassie Laine & Malena Morgan – Eager

There is a saying that birds of the same feather, flock together. It is no surprise then that two equally stunning and sexy young women finds each other irresistably attractive. Cassie and Morgan just can’t deny it and their eagerness to make love to each other is evident on the way they turn each other on. Pure lust fills their eyes as they start with a slow yet very intimate foreplay. There is no need to rush as they have all the time they need, savoring every caress, every kiss, each sensory bringing them closer to climax.

Cassie Laine – Presenting Cassie

Cassie finds some time alone in her bedroom to explore herself and reconnect with her sexual desires.  After removing her delicate lace bra and caressing her breasts, she moves hungrily towards her throbbing pussy.  Cassie strips out of her thong panties and feels how wet she is before finger fucking herself to an amazing orgasm.