Casey Calvert – De Lounge

Down South we run a little place called “The De Lounge” . It’s not a big thing, just a cool little joint where some of the SexArt team goes to unwind, down a few beers, play some pool and release stress. A place where smooth sounds and amber lights surround whomever needs it. Judgements and problems are left in the coat room, and free love and sexual erotica becomes number one in the Human soul.

Casey Calvert decided to take us up on a trip to the De Lounge, and I was there to capture her journey into open love and sexual pleasure with our new friend and hers, Kris Slater. Check them out as they explore what sex is like in the De Lounge.

Casey Calvert – White Room

There is a room in the SexArt mansion we call the White Room. I use it when I want to film something beautiful, something special. This time I used the White Room to showcase Casey Calvert and her very first boy/girl scene anywhere on any screen, large or small.

An hour or so before she shot her first scene, Casey was sitting in the makeup room getting ready. As the makeup team was primping her lips, hair and nails, I walked into the room leading with my usual silly ice breaker jokes. Casey looked up at me and smiled warmly with a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Now was the time to have a serious talk with her and not make her any more apprehensive than she might already be. Since Casey had never filmed a boy/girl scene before, she was full of questions about how it was going to go and what I needed from her and so on.

I smiled back at her and said, just be honest. Don’t fake it. We don’t want to see you cum, we want to see you lose yourself in your sexuality. If you cum, let it be what it is. Don’t try to perform for us. If you can truly lose yourself in sexual pleasure and let go of your inhibitions, you will be amazing. You will hear my voice, but don’t think of me as a director, think of me as a guide to your sexuality.

You could tell from her eyes she totally understood what I was saying. Casey is not only beautiful, she is very charming and very intelligent. She could easily be a lawyer or a doctor with the kind of head she carries on her shoulders. Lucky for us she wants to share her sexuality with the world, and lucky for us here at SexArt, her first movie is under my watch.

Sit back and become a voyeur as my cameras slowly soak up this stunning beauty in her first boy/girl scene. Watch as our lenses gently cover every inch of this rare beauty, then stay with her as she pleases herself to the heights of a creamy orgasm. And just when you think Casey can take no more, Logan steps in to show her yet another new level of heightened sexual pleasure. Not only is

Casey Calvert & Elle Alexandra – In The Night

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present, for the first time anywhere on the big or small screen, the young, the beautiful, and the wildly sexy Casey Calvert.

The SexArt team flew her out from the East Coast to meet her SexArt guide and mentor, Elle Alexandra. Her 9 p.m. flight lands on time. Casey takes out the sealed envelope the SexArt Team left her. Printed on the envelope are the words, “Open when landed.”