Carla Cox & Grace C – Snow Fun IX – Sneak Out

Striking blonde Grace C has figured prominently in the “Snow Fun” series. In episode III she retreated to the comfort and privacy of a bathroom where she indulged herself in a leisurely session of particularly eye-pleasing masturbation. In episode V she was teamed with Gabi de Castello for an enjoyable bout of loving lesbianism. As episode IX begins, the “Snow Fun” gang is relaxing after a day on the slopes with a few beers and other beverages.

When her friends start in on a rowdy game of foosball Grace C sits apart — she’s in no mood for such a frivolous activity. Carla Cox can’t help but notice her sulking friend and whispers a suggestion in her ear. Without drawing any attention Carla exits the room. After a moment or two Grace C discretely follows. Alone in a quiet stairwell the twosome begin their clandestine tryst. After helping Grace C out of her pretty pink panties Carla devours her delicious girlfriend, sucking, licking, teasing, and fingering her to a series of increasingly intense orgasms. Turnabout is only fair, and Grace C rewards her impromptu partner with several orgasms of her own.
When the girls return to the party nobody has even noticed they’ve been gone, making “Sneak Out” a success in more ways than one!

Carla Cox: Snow Fun – Still Enough Time

ou may know Ariel Piper Fawn from her SexArt photo series, or from her performance in the SexArt HD erotic movie, “Cloud.” You might also know her for her modeling work at MetArt — she’s appeared in 37 pictorials and films thus far. But now you have the opportunity to see another side of this stunning talent, because Ariel Piper Fawn is also a film producer and art director, and “Snow Fun” is a new film series she’s created with her collaborator, director Andrej Lupin.

Episode 1 is titled “Still Enough Time.” A young couple — Carla Cox and Matt Ice — are hastily packing for a ski trip. But preparing for a winter vacation isn’t nearly as much fun as playing with each other, and they soon decide to make time for a bit of energetic and enthusiastic lovemaking. Outside it’s a winter wonderland, but in the bedroom the temperature is rising fast. “Still Enough Time” starts off this vacation with a bang, and this is only the beginning of the “Snow Fun” series — this might just be the start of the hottest winter on record!