Caprice A & Whitney Conroy – In The Moment of Inspiration

It’s a fantasy with universal appeal for those with even a passing interest in nude photography: What really happens when an artist spends hours at a time shooting a beautiful, totally nude, young woman?

Andrej Lupin’s “In the Moment of Inspiration” injects additional fire into the fantasy by casting supermodel Caprice A (a Top Model at SexArt as well as MetArt, with over 40 pictorials and films in her portfolio) as the photographer, and rising SexArt star Whitney Conroy as her subject. The setting is a studio. Conroy, completely nude throughout, is a high style wood nymph standing on a carpet of leaves.

At first everything proceeds with high level of professionalism, but as Caprice coaches Whitney and gives her some hands-on assistance with posing the attraction between the pretty pair soon proves irresistible. At first it appears that Caprice is the aggressor, but it quickly becomes apparent that the lustful feelings are mutual and the twosome enjoy each other at length during a tryst that is by turns lovingly gentle and explosively orgasmic.

“In the Moment of Inspiration” is picture perfect lesbian erotica.

Caprice A – Pagak

Caprice A - Pagak

It was a hot and humid summer and the sun was shining bright outside. The stunning Caprice keeps herself cool by lounging naked by the poolside and rubbing a piece of ice all over her body. The cold treat glides smoothly over her magnificent perky breasts, down to her sexy navel until it reaches her moist, pink clit. The sensation was so arousing that she grabs her vibrator and stimulates her sensitive pussy until she cums.

Caprice A – Berezia

Caprice A - Berezia

With a colorful sarong wrapped loosely on her petite body, Caprice roams freely in the rugged beach coast of SexArt’s private island. Under the warm and bright sun, her skin glows and she exudes a stunning aura like that of a goddess. She finds an old lighthouse and poses against its white wall and wooden door, flaunting her breathtaking body.

Caprice A – Pasarela

Caprice A - Pasarela

With her sultry gaze, petite, nubile physique with enticingly scrumptious breasts and tight pussy, Caprice is such an eye candy you just can’t simply get enough of. This tiny sizzler is a brunette bombshell in a small package and she knows how to perfectly flaunt her goods. Her small build is blessed with so many scrumptious assets that will surely keep you busy all night long. In this set, she performs a slow and sensual tease as she reveals her body’s sweet surprises. Every shot is brimming with Caprice’s powerful allure and mouthwatering details and Koenart provides variety with his perfectly framed compositions and gorgeous closeups.