Cameron Canada – Sahara

He traveled across Spain any way he could. By truck, by car, by horse and by foot. At midnight he hid in the luggage compartment of a small twin engine plane that was headed to the Canary Islands. By daybreak he spilled out onto the tarmac and raced off into the crowd to avoid being found. There were only a few pennies in his pockets and he used them to buy bread.

He knew he had to eat to keep us his strength. By nightfall he made a deal to work on a fishing boat that promised to take him to the shores of Africa and the Sahara Desert in just five short days. On the boat each day seemed like a full year. It was only the work that kept him from losing his mind as each day he drifted closer to the shore where he could get to his love. On the fifth day he arrived in Africa. With no Jeep or camel, he set out on foot to reach his love. Not the hot desert sun nor the dry, blistering desert swells could stop him from reaching his woman in the oasis deep in the Sahara.

Cameron Canada – SexArt Ink

To quote the awesome and eternal movie, Risky Business, “Every now and then you just have to say, what the fuck.” So today I say, what the fuck. You see, not long ago a woman walked into my office at SexArt. Her name was Cameron Canada and wow was she awesome. Just around 5 feet tall, this little blonde charmed the smile right out of my heart. Her smile was infectious and her body was like a Mona Lisa. I was sure I was about to cast the next greatest thing to hit the SexArt web.

As always, I ask every model who auditions for me to remove her clothes. Obviously I have to see all of our performers without clothes to make sure there’s no surprises that could be a problem. So Cameron smiles and takes off her clothes. Oh dear…

She has tattoos. Not just a small one under her hair at the nape of her neck, but big, body hugging tattoos, as beautiful as they may be. I say that because I honestly do not find tattoos attractive sexually. Sure, I can admire great body art like anyone else, but somehow, for me, tattoos are not a turn on. That has been our policy here at SexArt and our policy at our parent company, MetArt.

But for the first time ever, I was faced with a woman who had large body tattoos and was also extremely sexy. I do not know why, but her body art did not turn me off. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I knew I had to show her to you all, but I did not know how I could break the long standing rules against body art on women…

Hence SexArt Ink. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present Cameron Canada and William Corazon in a SexArt first. See the passion that I saw in my office explode on screen as these two young lovers bond sexually and spiritually in, SexArt Ink.