Aiko Bell & Blue Angel – Flash

Director Andrej Lupin has more than a little bit of fun with the stylish opening sequence of “Flash.” It begins with extreme close-ups of a girl – or is it two girls? – waking up in the morning. The close shots and constant cutting make it difficult to know exactly who is doing precisely what, but eventually we realize that Aiko Bell and Blue Angel are performing their ablutions, applying makeup, and getting dolled up in alluring lingerie, flattering and fashionable clothes, and appropriately sexy sky-high stiletto pumps.

When the two beauties are finally united in a single frame all the effort spent in preparation yields exceedingly quick results. Seated or reclining on low benches and a leather settee in what may be a dressing room in a luxurious home, the twosome begin to kiss. Without removing much of their clothing they proceed to savor one another, Blue sucks Aiko’s pert breasts first, and then Aiko does the same to Blue’s puffy-nippled treats. After briefly licking and sucking Aiko’s pussy, Ms. Bell treats Ms. Angel to a loud and luscious orgasm. Then Aiko straddles Blue’s face and gets licked and sucked to a knee-trembling climax that puts a satisfied smile on her face and a sheen of perspiration on her lean and shapely torso.

But “Flash” isn’t finished – with a quick shift in position Bell moves into a sixty-nine atop Angle and they suck and finger one another to a final, feverish, mutual orgasm. The sizzling stars of “Flash” are all dressed up with no place to go, but they’re in the perfect location to come, and come, and come again!

Blue Angel – Homecoming

It is never made clear how long the lovers of Andrej Lupin’s “Homecoming” have been separated. But knowing the specifics isn’t at all necessary – when Blue Angel arrives unexpectedly to visit Thomas Lee the look on the Hungarian beauty’s face tells you all you need to know. This is quite obviously a joyous reunion, and as the couple fly into one another’s arms the emotional impact of the scene is subtly underscored and enhanced by artfully executed slow motion cinematography.

What is perhaps most notable about “Homecoming” is that this surprise reunion doesn’t simply flare up and burn down, the heat is sustained and drawn out – while numerous erotic and orgasmic highs are captured along the way, there’s never a lull or a let-up in the energy, emotion, or intensity. Both performers have appeared in several SexArt productions before — Blue Angel has starred in 5 pictorials and a film prior to this one, and Mr. Lee has headlined 8 movies – but there is nothing synthetic or “staged” about their on-camera interaction.

That may be the ultimate tribute to this pair’s professionalism – they make their lovemaking in “Homecoming” look completely natural and spontaneous.

Blue Angel – Do What I Want

The setting is a sleek, modern kitchen. Completely devoid of decoration or embellishment, only a glimpsed faucet and an oven inset in an uninterrupted wall of cabinets suggests the intended purpose of the room. A single, asymmetrical, window floods the space with light. A couple — Blue Angel and Marcus Dupree – both clad in casual white, are having a lively conversation. Her eyes sparkle with playful energy, he returns her loving gaze. Their chemistry is obvious, even overwhelming.

And that amorous attraction makes this cool kitchen the absolutely perfect place for an extended romantic encounter, more comfortable than the coziest bed, more sensuous than any exotic locale. Director Andrej Lupin adds a further bit of mystery to the proceedings with the title: in “Do What I Want” both players seem to be doing exactly what they want as individuals and as a twosome — this is a couple making love, not a superior controlling an underling. Moans of orgasmic delight are punctuated by giddy, joyous laughter, playful and passionate elements in perfect proportion.
Encompassing everything from foot-worship to feverish fucking in a variety of creative positions, “Do What I Want” does what it does superbly.