Ashley Doll – Sauvage

Ashley Doll - Sauvage

Like the finely chiseled sculpture of a goddess, the smooth structure and contours of a wonderfully constructed face are made evident under pale and and tan skin tones on a faultless complexion that covers the body like a tightly-stretched canvas. Like the facets of a precious gem, broad and high cheekbones support a magnificent mane of full and lustrous brunette hair that flows generously about and away from the face while leading inward to a finely trimmed and angular jawline with full and naturally-colored lips. Embedded at the center of the faceted face are sharply-defined and flawless, large sparkling eyes, beset under finely coiffed brows that flare and fade as they arch outward and rise above the almond-shaped eyes. Such is the stunning beauty of Ashley Doll. Wait til you get to finest details of her gorgeous, tight body clad in an ultra sexy black lingerie that accentuates her sexy curves.

Ashley Doll – Wedding Day

It’s that special day when Ashley is tying the knot with the man she loves. The wedding party has gathered outside on the east wing of the country estate where everyone awaits the bride and groom with much anticipation.

Alone in her dressing room, Ashley is overcome with the beauty of her surroundings. She stands in the mirror looking at her stunning wedding gown. Her heart pounds with anticipation as she touches her ring, thinking of the wonderful love filled life that lies ahead. What happens next can only be described as natural and beautiful and the perfect start to the perfect Wedding Day.