Ariel Piper Fawn, Melody, Suzie Carina – Ariel’s Secret – Project 06 – Melody

As “Project 6” of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Ariel’s Secret” begins, gorgeous busty brunette Melody is being blindfolded, ready for an exciting sensual experience.

She is left alone, naked on the bed, before her unknown lover enters the room. In fact, although she doesn’t realize at first, she is to be pleasured by two stunning masked women – Suzie Carina and Ariel Piper Fawn. First, hot redhead Ariel kisses her and sucks her stiff nipples, while Suzie tugs at the neat line of dark hair that leads down to her smooth shaved pussy. Melody is all smiles as Suzie begins to lick and stroke her pussy, pausing to kiss Ariel passionately as their hands roam all over their lucky subject’s body.

The lovers switch places and Melody giggles as Suzie straddles her and tickles her with her long pigtails, then gasps as Ariel strums her clit and laps at her wet slit. She goes wild when Ariel buzzes a vibrating wand over her beautiful body, focusing on her nipples and then her pussy, driving her wild. She squirms and spasms, her lovers holding her down as a powerful orgasm tears through her body. Topless now, Ariel switches places with Suzie again, holding the vibrator to Melody’s clit while Suzie fingerbangs her, making her cum again and again. They kiss her gently and sneak out, leaving her none the wiser as to their identity, but blissfully satiated.

Ariel Piper Fawn, Stasy Rivera, Suzie Carina – Ariel’s Secret – Project 5 Stasy Rivera

Sexy redhead Stasy Rivera is the lucky recipient of amorous attention in “Project 5” of Andrej Lupin’s powerful erotic series “Ariel’s Secret.”

She lies naked and blindfolded, awaiting the touch of an unknown lover. At first, she is unaware that two masked beauties have entered the room: gorgeous Suzie Carina, and legendary model and producer Ariel Piper Fawn herself. Ariel strokes Stasy’s silky skin, licking and gently biting her nipples, as Suzie begins to kiss up her inner thigh.

Together, they spread Stasy’s shaved pussy open and tease her exposed clit, pausing to kiss each other passionately. Ariel bares her beautiful big breasts, her nipples brushing Stasy’s body as she licks and kisses her. Stasy’s gasps grow more urgent as both her unseen lovers finger her pussy, making her buck and writhe in ecstasy. They leave her dazed and smiling, to process the intense experience.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Sofi Golfinger & Suzie Carina – Ariel’s Secret – Project 4 Sofi Golfinger

Sexy Sofi Golfinger is full of nervous anticipation as she is blindfolded, at the start of “Ariel’s Secret – Project 4.”

She doesn’t know the identity of the mysterious women who begin to touch her; she can only succumb to the pleasure they bring her. Legendary model Suzie Carina and erotic star turned producer Ariel Piper Fawn bring all their skill to bear on lucky Sofi, caressing her naked body slowly and seductively, kissing her and teasing her nipples stiff. Forbidding her from moving, stunning Ariel parts her thighs and begins to lick her pussy. Sophie’s slender body bucks and arches as she is overwhelmed by the intense sensations.

Ariel rubs and laps at her clit, spreading her wet pussy open, making Sofi gasp and moan. She gets even wilder when the busty redhead slides a couple of fingers into her juicy slit, as Suzie sucks her nipples, cumming breathlessly under their combined onslaught. As they kiss, Suzie and Ariel switch places; Suzie goes down to feast on Sofi’s pussy with rapid tongue-flicks, then finger-bangs her hard and fast as Ariel spreads her pink folds open, giving her an even more intense orgasm. As they leave her alone – still blindfolded – Sofi is visibly shaken and delighted by the experience.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Miela A – The Retro Collection – Road Trip Episode 1

Our very own superstar model turned producer Ariel Piper Fawn is the star of this unseen classic from 2012.

Director Andrej Lupin kicks off his “Retro Collection” with episode one of “Road Trip,” which finds gorgeous redhead Ariel and cute blonde Miela A looking adorable in their fifties style summer dresses as they head out for a picnic with Thomas Lee and Gina Devine. As the girls pose for photographs, naughty Ariel exposes her beautiful big breasts; Gina leads Thomas away and Ariel continues her teasing, flirting with Miela as they lie in the long grass. Ariel straddles the sweet blonde and kisses from her lips down to her stiffening nipples, then strips off her white panties and strokes her smooth shaved pussy. She spreads Miela’s plump pussy lips open and licks her clit slowly and skilfully.

Miela slides a hand into Ariel’s panties and the girls frig each other avidly, Miela’s cries of pleasure muffled as she sucks on Ariel’s big tits. While Gina lavishes her attention on Thomas’s dick back at the car, Ariel rocks her hips up to meet Miela’s fingers, strumming her pretty pussy, driving her to an intense orgasm. The girls stroll back to the car, but when they see what their friends are up to, they discreetly leave them alone, happy with each other’s company. It’s the perfect “Road Trip” – and an unexpected treat to see Ariel in action again.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Victoria Daniels: Vintage Collection – ENJOY

Unlike several of the previous installments of this series by Andrej Lupin, “Vintage Collection – Enjoy” is less concerned with evoking a specific era than in creating an overall nostalgic mood. It stars Ariel Piper Fawn and Victoria Daniels, and the pair spend the entire film in bed, kissing, cuddling, and making love. Ariel is the more assertive of the two and savors each step in the process of pleasuring Victoria. She starts off by giving her a massage, rubbing her back with oil, pampering Victoria’s feet and toes, and then setting to work on her front side.

After shedding her sheer nightie, Ariel slides between Victoria’s legs and uses her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers to stimulate and satisfy. The lovers enjoy a bout of sixty-nine and then Ariel gives Victoria the ultimate erotic treat by the skilled actions of her agile fingers. Once Victoria has regained her composure she’s eager to return the favor. After lavishing Ariel’s splendid breasts with attention she kisses her way down her cream-skinned torso and savors the taste of her lover’s succulence with unrestrained orgasmic results.

Offering timeless style and incomparable beauty, “Vintage Collection – Enjoy” provides pure pleasure in generous measure.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Lorena B – Horizont

Two of the Metart Network’s most alluring, accomplished, and popular supermodels star in “Horizont,” a breathtakingly beautiful seaside interlude. Ariel Piper Fawn (who also produced the film) and Lorena B are gamboling along a sun kissed stretch of black sand beach as Andrej Lupin’s film begins. Splashing in the surf, running on the strand, dancing, and laughing, “Horizont” captures an afternoon that is by turns gleeful, joyous, romantic, playful, and sexually charged.

The pairing of these two distinctly different yet equally stunning models is particularly effective. Lorena has her way with Ariel first, utilizing her skilled hands and probing fingers to bring her voluptuous partner to orgasm. Next Ariel makes love to Lorena with her mouth and then vigorously strokes her clitoris to a thrilling climax. Bathed in the shared afterglow of orgasm and the rays of the setting sun, “Horizont” provides the viewer with a soul-stirring view of an idyllic erotic interlude that will linger long in memory.

Ariel Piper Fawn – Vintage Collection – Only Me

The second installment of Andrej Lupin’s newest series, “Vintage Collection – Only Me,” is noteworthy for several reasons. For one thing, unlike the director’s previous episodic efforts (“Snow Fun” or “The Game”), “Vintage Collection” is more about style than story. Here the lighting, art direction, costuming, and soundtrack are all designed to evoke the mood and atmosphere of days gone by – you don’t need to see the first episode to understand the second episode – all that’s required is an eye for beauty and an appreciation for eroticism. As the title subtly implies, “Vintage Collection – Only Me” is a solo effort, and the star is the multi-talented Ariel Piper Fawn.

While this buxom redhead has been working behind the scenes as a Sexart producer, screenwriter, and art director, she first rose to fame and international acclaim as a model – the 48 Metart erotic photo galleries she has appeared in to date have earned her an immense, vocal, and devoted fan following. In “Vintage Collection – Only Me” Ariel Piper Fawn delivers a performance that is both polished and effortless. She is exquisitely beautiful, but entirely human. Watching this supremely shapely star pleasure herself is a rare treat, notable not simply for its explicit action but for its inviting intimacy.
If you want to see an incomparably beautiful woman enjoying her most private pleasures you only need to view “Vintage Collection – Only Me.”

Ariel Piper Fawn & Whitney Conroy – Dulce Despertar

Soft light streams into a bedroom, a new day has dawned. A redheaded beauty, still lost in slumber, is gently awakened when her blonde companion joins her on the bed. The mood is familiar, relaxed, but it only takes a moment or two until mutual desire makes itself felt. Hungry lips come together for a kiss as fingers go wandering in search of tender targets.

In Andrej Lupin’s “Dulce Despertar,” Ariel Piper Fawn and Whitney Conroy spend the better part of this beautiful morning making sweet love to each other. The director creates a welcoming sense of intimacy and the viewer is pulled into and immersed in the beauty of the participants and the intoxicating eroticism of the action as it unfolds. Let “Dulce Despertar” transport you to a warm, loving space where passion knows no bounds and pleasure is abundant and all-enveloping.

“Dulce Despertar” captures the dawning of a new day with an artist’s eye and a poet’s sensitivity – awakening is seldom this sweet!

Ariel Piper Fawn & Monika A – Pulse

Andrej Lupin’s “Pulse” marks Ariel Piper Fawn’s forth appearance at SexArt.
She’s also a prolific and popular model at MetArt, where she’s appeared in dozens of galleries. But no matter the venue or the medium, Ariel never fails to make a powerful impression.

In “Pulse,” teamed with busty blonde beauty Monika A, the crimson-haired heartbreaker heats up the screen like never before. As the soundtrack thumps propulsively, “Pulse” begins with a stylish view of a fashion show in progress. Two stunning models strut the catwalk and work the audience with skilled and knowing professionalism. But a rivalry is brewing. Push comes to shove and tempers flare. Backstage an argument escalates and the conflict threatens to boil over.

But instead of throwing a punch Ariel unexpectedly plants a kiss, and what might have become a catfight becomes something just as physical, but far more pleasurable. As fevers build, fingers and mouths are replaced by a powerful vibrator which Ariel and Monika utilize in numerous eye-opening and orgasm-inducing ways.
With its stunning beauty, sizzling Sapphic sexuality, high fashion, high art, and high style, “Pulse” is high octane erotica.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Sylvie Deluxe – Cloud

When I was a young boy I always dreamed that there was a race of beautiful women who lived like Gods in the clouds above. I would look up to the sky on rainy days and pretend the clouds were magical islands where anything could happen.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this movie. It was my fantasy incarnate. Watch as Ariel and Sylvie circle each other, then meet in the middle to share a magical fantasy in Cloud.