Aria Salazar – Flavours

You have all seen Aria in Prince of the Full Moon. Many of you know that Prince of the Full Moon was her first adult movie ever. We saw her share herself for the first time. Now see her in her second film as she explores her own body while learning how to please herself.

It’s moments later that Johnny Castle stops by and discovers Aria naked and aroused. Watch as we take our time with these two lovers while they share their most intimate moments in Flavours.

Aria Salazar – Prince Of The Full Moon

October is not only Halloween, it is also a month of firsts for SexArt. We’ve introduced new, beautiful girls, and we’ve introduced girls you’ve come to love in their first boy/girl scene. Once again this month I have the honor of presenting to you, for the first time anywhere on the big or small screen, the young and stunning beauty, Aria Salazar.

The SexArt team sent Aria a limo to fetch her for a Halloween party at the Malibu SexArt Mansion. But as it sometimes happens, wires got crossed and Aria thought she was supposed to find her own way to the party. She eagerly jumps in her car and takes the two hour ride to the SexArt Mansion. But just as she gets into the hills of Malibu, her car breaks down. It’s night and the road is dark. No one and nothing is around for miles, that is, nothing except for a small light in the distance in the hills beyond. See what happens when Aria heads toward the light to find a phone in, The Prince of the Full Moon.