Amirah Abada & Anita Bellini – Only 15 Minutes

Although it at first seems simple and direct, the title of Alis Locanta’s latest creation – “Only 15 Minutes” – is surprisingly complex and playfully layered with possible interpretations. After adding the titles and credits the film runs a little bit longer than the title suggests – only 16 minutes and 22 seconds – but that comparatively short length is absolutely packed with beauty and activity. The beauty comes in the form of two spectacular newcomers to SexArt – Amirah Abada and Anita Bellini.

The exceptionally toothsome twosome stand side by side at a mirror casually applying make-up. Then, as if they’ve both just realized they have “Only 15 Minutes” before they have to dress and leave, they turn their attentions to each other. Few seconds of the allotted time are squandered before they’re both completely nude and in the throes of heated Sapphic passion.

Artfully executed and enthusiastically performed, “Only 15 Minutes” may be relatively short, but it is long on exquisite nubile beauty and steamy erotic impact.