Andrea P – Deus Sex Machina

A genre can be defined as: “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.” Female solo masturbation films constitute one well known and popular genre of erotic cinema. And Paul and Ilona Black’s “Deus Sex Machina” is unquestionably a female solo masturbation film. But to dismiss it simply as a genre film would be a mistake. Here the artists operate beyond definitions, outside expectations, and well beyond the limits and boundaries of genre classification.

The Blacks often explore the space between surrealism and the dream state, and “Deus Sex Machina” is very much of that territory. A factory, bathed in inky darkness. A table saw rips through wood, a furnace is stoked until it blazes. Amid the grit, grime, machinery, and other implements of industry, a woman, a redhead bathed in dancing firelight, sits. But Andrea P is no ordinary actress, and the Blacks are no ordinary filmmakers. Without ceremony or fanfare she reveals her breasts, moments later her pussy. Holding a pitcher filled with amber oil she drizzles the lubricant across her exposed slit. An immaculately manicured hand massages, rubs, strokes as oil continues to flow from the container. She douses her breasts with the liquid lube, squeezing, pinching, teasing her erect nipples. Masturbation? Absolutely. But unlike anything you’ve likely seen.

And then, the machine. Cranks and cogs, wheels and belts, somewhere an engine, a steel shaft, and there, pointing at her pussy, a rubber phallus. Ignition. “Deus Sex Machina” springs into lusty life. The images race and flicker. The machine clatters and pumps. The orgasm explodes. Yet another perfect example of why this site is called Sexart.

Andrea P & Emily J – The Dream

The creative team of Paul and Ilona Black have a wholly unique approach to erotic cinema.They don’t simply capture sexual activity on film, they use all the technical tools the medium offers to create moods, evoke emotions, and convey sensation in powerful and unexpected ways.

“The Dream,” their latest creation for SexArt, is an entirely fresh and altogether dazzling approach to lesbian erotica. Andrea P, making her SexArt debut, lets her nocturnal mind wander as “The Dream” begins.
While she pleasures her body with her hands and fingers she stimulates her mind with memories – or are they fantasies? – of an explosive, explicit Sapphic encounter with ravenous redhead Emily J. And the raw passion on display here is dramatically enhanced and amplified by stunning cinematic technique.
Yes, you may have seen “girl-girl” erotic before, but you’ve never seen anything quite like “The Dream.”