Amirah Abada, Luna, Whitney Conroy – The Writer – Listen to me

Real life, fantasy, and fiction remain intriguingly and inextricably entwined in the fifth installment of Alis Locanta’s erotic super-series, “The Writer – Listen to Me.” Pulled in different directions by her personal and professional lives, Luna invents a satisfying new story and proceeds to work out the details. Those details concern the fictionalized life of her actual boyfriend, played by Franck Franco, and his involvement with a beautiful new addition to the series, Amira Abada. In this story-within-a-story, Franco has recently undergone a surgical procedure on his eyes. The operation was a success, but he’s forced to wear a bandage for several days, effectively rendering him sightless.

Ms. Abada, the loving girlfriend, not only assists Franco in his daily routine, but uses his temporary handicap as a way of enhancing their sex life together. This results in several prolonged and passionate encounters and a variety of extremely orgasmic erotic activities. Luna, inspired by her evolving narrative, frequently breaks from the task of writing to leisurely pleasure herself. And her fling with neighbor Whitney Conroy results in one of the hottest lesbian scenes “The Writer” has featured so far. Viewers would be well advised to keep their eyes, ears, and minds wide open while experiencing “The Writer – Listen to Me.”

Amirah Abada – Spy Game 2

His face a mask of single-minded concentration, a man follows a beautiful brunette through the streets of the city. Out of breath and with her heart pounding in her chest, she walks as fast as she can without drawing undue attention, desperately seeking an escape route or sanctuary. She hides around a corner. He passes. She takes advantage of this brief lapse and hurries to her destination. But when she’s safe inside, who is it that warmly greets her? The same man who was chasing her down only moments before. It’s with this unexpected twist that “Spy Game 2” begins.

Amirah Adara is the pursued, and Juan Lucho the pursuer in the second installment of Alis Locanta’s espionage-themed Sexart series. But once they’re together the two lovers work as a team in perfect passionate — and extremely romantic — harmony. This is an extended interlude, over half an hour in length, and “Spy Game 2” puts the viewer in the room with the performers for a heated encounter that plays out in real time. Lucho lavishes Adara with extensive oral attention prior pumping her powerfully in two positions. There’s a pause in the fucking that allows Amirah to indulge her own oral appetites, and then the twosome ride to a mutually satisfying finish in a third and final position.
In “Spy Game 2” the mission is most definitely accomplished.

Amirah Abada – Our Time

Forget the concerns of the outside world. Occupations, responsibilities, social commitments – those are for another day, another time, some other place. In “Our Time” Amirah Abada and Matt Bird savor every precious second of their time together.

For all intents and purposes they are the only two people in the world, no one else matters, and they have but one shared desire: to experience the ultimate in erotic pleasure. As the wind ruffles the leaves of the trees outside the couple are transported by desire. A kiss, a caress – once they’ve started there is no turning back, and “Our Time” progresses at a passionate pace. Loving, tender and sensitive, “Our Time” is also passionate, raw, and torrid.

“Our Time” may belong to its two stars – but fortunately for the viewer, they’re willing to share.

Amirah Abada & Anita Bellini – Only 15 Minutes

Although it at first seems simple and direct, the title of Alis Locanta’s latest creation – “Only 15 Minutes” – is surprisingly complex and playfully layered with possible interpretations. After adding the titles and credits the film runs a little bit longer than the title suggests – only 16 minutes and 22 seconds – but that comparatively short length is absolutely packed with beauty and activity. The beauty comes in the form of two spectacular newcomers to SexArt – Amirah Abada and Anita Bellini.

The exceptionally toothsome twosome stand side by side at a mirror casually applying make-up. Then, as if they’ve both just realized they have “Only 15 Minutes” before they have to dress and leave, they turn their attentions to each other. Few seconds of the allotted time are squandered before they’re both completely nude and in the throes of heated Sapphic passion.

Artfully executed and enthusiastically performed, “Only 15 Minutes” may be relatively short, but it is long on exquisite nubile beauty and steamy erotic impact.