Ally Breelsen – Training Day

Cute Ally Breelsen is stretching out her long legs at the beginning of “Training Day,” when Matt Ice offers her some assistance with her technique. He takes a hands-on approach as he gives her instruction, but is still taken by surprise when his display of strength inspires Ally to straddle him and kiss him. She frees his stiffening cock from his sweatpants and goes down to suck it deeply, then peels off her tight shorts and sits on his face to get licked until she’s dripping wet.

Hooking her foot into one of the gym straps, Ally hoists her leg up high to give Matt access to her hot pussy; he builds up the delicious friction as he slides his cock in and out, until she is gasping with delight. Dismounting, she bends over so he can thrust into her from behind, clinging onto the strap so she can slam back against him energetically. He hoists her up again to fuck her to a powerful orgasm, his cum trickling out of her as their impromptu training session draws to a close.

Ally Breelsen & Shrima Malati – Scooty Angels

Two new performers make their Sexart debuts in Andrej Lupin’s “Scooty Angels.” When we first meet Shrima Malati and Ally Breelsen they’re seated on electric scooters, revving their motors, and engaging in a playful bit of racing and riding along a seaside promenade in Spain. They soon abandon their bikes, unstrap their helmets, take off their shoes, and stroll along the shore. After cooling down at the water’s edge they retire to their bedroom where things quickly heat up. Before long both brunettes have stripped down to their white panties and Shrima is eagerly eating Ally’s smooth and succulent pussy.

Once she has Breelsen moaning with delight, Malati takes off her panties and then straddles her supine playmate’s face. After riding Ally’s mouth for several satisfying minutes, she moves into a sixty-nine during which each girl seems bent on out-eating the other. Next, as Shrima energetically masturbates, Ally takes a seat on her face, gyrating on Malati’s mouth until she reaches another peak of pleasure. When Breelsen slips two fingers into Shrima’s slit and begins licking her clit a powerful orgasm soon rolls through the petite and exotic beauty’s body. Both thoroughly satisfied by their afternoon interlude, the lovers kiss and cuddle in the afterglow. As it swings from playful innocence to scorching passion, “Scooty Angels” is a wildly enjoyable ride.