Alexis Brill – Waltz With Me – Autumn

Alis Locanta, in collaboration with scenarist Alan Russell, utilizes the circular, rhythmic flow of the seasons as a central thematic, structural, and technical component in this, the first installment of four-part feature series “Waltz with Me.” The film stars Alexis Brill and Franck Franco, and as it begins they meet in the middle of an airy loft apartment where “Waltz with Me Chapter 1 – Autumn,” and the three subsequent episodes all take place. Locanta has a long history with both his stars – he directed each of their Sexart debuts, Brill in “Angel,” and Franco in “Turning Point.” Both have since established themselves as versatile, appealing, and confident performers, and “Waltz with Me Chapter 1 – Autumn,” provides a fine showcase for their talents.

Brill and Franco are entirely convincing as a young couple, very much in love, beginning an important and exciting phase of their lives together – there is joy and sincerity in the way the work and play together, and there is tenderness and passion when the make love. That lovemaking takes place on a bed in the center of the space, and Locanta’s agile camera, ever on the move, circles the duo as they explore and experience each other – an all-seeing moon orbiting a flaring sun of eroticism. The action has a natural, spontaneous flow: Brill enhances a blowjob with much loving eye-contact, she then straddles Franck and rides him, a gorgeous cowgirl, tall in the saddle. After a position change, Franck pauses to eat a particularly responsive Alexis, and they reach a splashy finish after screwing in the spoon position.

“Waltz with Me Chapter 1 – Autumn” begins the series with a beautiful bang…and there are still three seasons to look forward to.

Alexis Brill – Waterfall

Although his talents are many and varied, Alis Locanta has earned a reputation for crafting thoughtful, evocative, and erotically powerful single girl masturbation films. Locanta is also an experimenter, a restless creative spirit who isn’t comfortable operating in the same style or artistic space for too long. And so his latest effort in the genre, “Waterfall,” is both an extension of his previous work and a departure. The soundtrack, ambient electronica, provides sonic flavor.

A slender young beauty, Alexis Brill, clad in a gauzy top and panties – both garments rendered transparent by the flowing water from an unseen showerhead – stands in a spacious shower stall, savoring the feeling as water cascades down her lithe body. Brill is very much in a world of her own – it’s only in the film’s closing moments that she plays directly to the camera. She caresses her body, eventually sheds her clothing, and then proceeds to masturbate. With a single finger of her right hand penetrating her hairless pussy, she rubs and strokes her clitoris with her left. The two-hand technique soon brings her to a powerful, vocal, and clearly satisfying climax.

Beautifully styled and executed, and deftly incorporating slow motion footage to thrilling effect, “Waterfall” is another autoerotic gem from Locanta and an impressive and irresistible performance by Alexis Brill.

Alexis Brill – Angel

There’s no mystery, no subtle subtext, no coded message — once you’ve had a look at the star of Alis Locanta’s most recent contribution to SexArt you’ll know why he titled it “Angel.” Alexis Brill, making her SexArt debut, is star, subject, and sole performer in “Angel,” and even though there’s no dialog and no story beyond the action, her performance is eye-pleasing and extremely engaging.

Things begin on a girlish, lighthearted note as Alexis tries on a variety of outfits. We can’t be sure if it’s the sight of her own nude, long-limbed body in the mirror or perhaps a random thought or recollection, but there is an immediately perceptible change in mood when Alexis sits down on the floor and proceeds to pleasure herself. Eyes closed and with her face reflecting the sexual sensations radiating through her beautiful body, her fingers and hands go to work. A glass of water splashed on her trim torso glistens on her skin and lubricates her libido as she’s overwhelmed with erotic emotions and overcome by orgasm.

The film is justifiably titled “Angel,” but its young star, Alexis Brill, definitely has a delightfully devilish side, as well!