Candy Wais & Jenny Appach – Zatleskej

The title of Alis Locanta’s Sexart HD erotic feature, “Zatleskej,” means “clap your hands” in English, and refers to a child’s game similar to Blind Man’s Buff. Auburn-haired Jenny Appach wears the blindfold as the film begins, and her blonde playmate, Candy Wais, runs off to hide. Every time Appach says “Zatleskej,” Wais responds by clapping her hands. Using this form of call and response Wais playfully leads Appach indoors and ultimately into the bathroom where she teasingly spritzes Appach with a spray from the shower.

And here the innocent game takes a turn for the serious…and sultry. Kissing leads to caressing with Appach taking the more aggressive role. Once she’s gotten Candy out of her clothes she sits her down and proceeds to make a meal of the blonde’s pussy. Fingering follows the tonguing and soon Wais is swept away on waves of orgasmic delight. Rather than return the oral favor, Candy chooses to stimulate Jenny using only her hands and fingers and her manual dexterity quickly works its pussy-pleasing magic.
It may take its inspiration from a childish game, but “Zatleskej” offers serious adult fun.

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