Brandy A & Lorena B – Hielo Caliente

Don Caravaggio’s “Hielo Caliente” begins on a somewhat mysterious note. We see a shadow on a wall of a woman hard at work in a dimly lit room. Only after the camera pulls back do we see that it’s Metart’s exclusive supermodel Lorena B, and that she’s chipping away at chunks of ice. After placing the chips in a metal bowl she joins blonde Brandy A on a low sofa and the seduction “Hielo Caliente” beings.

The pace here is deliberately measured — Lorena takes her sweet time teasing Brandy, rubbing and caressing her skin with pieces of rapidly melting ice – and any tiny bit of resistance Brandy may have felt towards Lorena’s sexual aggression melts every bit as rapidly. But, just as ice turns into water, the sexual temperature of this lesbian liaison transitions from casual to carnal quickly. While the introduction may be leisurely, once the action has reached a full boil it is particularly vigorous, energetic, ravenous, and uninhibited.
The ice is a clever and seductive device, but the raw lesbian heat so artfully and explicitly captured here is the heart and soul of this Sexart feature.

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