Alyssa Reece & Mango A – 2 Jealous

In “2 Jealous,” director-writer Alis Locanta reexamines a subject he has explored before, most notably in an earlier work titled “Jealousy.” It’s a powerful emotion, and it can have profoundly destructive effects in a relationship. But, if it can be understood and conquered, it can also strengthen a romantic bond. And so it is in “2 Jealous.” Mango A returns in the early morning after a night of innocent fun with friends.

Her lover, Alyssa Reece, jealous and angry, accuses her of infidelity. While Mango proclaims her innocence Alyssa’s anger builds until it explodes. Suddenly realizing that she’s hurting the woman she loves, and that she’s putting their romance at risk, Alyssa breaks down and apologizes. The twosome retreat to the soft, cozy comfort of their bed, and begin the slow, emotionally charged, and erotically intense act of after-argument lovemaking. The fury of their fight is quickly forgotten and Mango proceeds to tenderly pleasure her partner. Alyssa’s hunger for Mango’s affection and attention is intense and she’s soon at the edge of orgasmic ecstasy.

But rather than give in and succumb to climax, Alyssa begs Mango to stop so that she can taste her lover’s sex. By the time “2 Jealous” reaches it’s orgasmic conclusion, thanks to a feverish session of mutual masturbation, the incident and emotion that triggered their fight are both long forgotten, jealousy and any negative emotions have been banished, and love, pleasure, and romantic connection have returned. “2 Jealous” is beautifully performed and filmed, and it’s supremely satisfying, too.

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