Aiko Bell & Alyssa Reece – Faith

The sky is overcast, leaden. A bitter wind blows through the bleak, wintry landscape. Aiko Bell, her face a mask of grief and melancholy, walks, alone in the chill. Alyssa Reece, in voice-over, expresses concern for her grieving friend. Reece wants to help comfort and console, but Bell’s sadness keeps her walled-off and at a distance. But finally that wall comes down. Then, inside and in a warm, intimate setting, that distance is diminished. A falling tear is replaced by a tentative kiss. A comforting cuddle becomes a loving caress. And slowly, minute by minute, Bell’s mood lifts.

The couple embrace, and their emotional love is expressed in a beautiful, physical, manner. Reece, in her second Sexart feature, initiated this contact, and takes the lead, moving between Bell’s legs and delicately and deftly bringing her to the sweet release of orgasm. Aiko Bell, a first-timer at Sexart, is willing and eager to repay the favor, and uses fingers and tongue to do exactly that. We never learn what has been so troubling to Bell, but by the end of “Faith” her depression has been washed away by the healing power of love, affection, and erotic ecstasy. Can loving sex mend a broken heart? See for yourself in “Faith.”

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