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Naomi Nevena – Forgive Me

Love, it’s been said, is the international language. It crosses boundaries of geography, culture, and class and is universally sought after. And a lover’s quarrel, even if it’s in Czech, is also instantly recognizable. In Andrej Lupin’s “Forgive Me,” Naomi Nevena and Thomas Reed – both Czechs and both making their debut appearance in a Sexart HD erotic film – are having an argument in their native tongue. Things escalate, as these things have a way of doing.

The pain and heartbreak on Naomi’s face is moving and genuine. When she’s had enough she exits, angry and upset, and heads for the sanctuary of the bedroom. Thomas Reed spends some time in reflective contemplation. He realizes he’s in the wrong and must make things right with the beautiful woman he loves. With a single flower in hand and a look of sincere contrition on his face he joins Naomi in the bedroom. Whatever trivial thing they were fighting about is quickly forgotten and they proceed to enjoy one of the benefits of a committed relationship – make-up sex! This isn’t rushed or reckless – both participants are intent on proving their love for one another and demonstrating, physically, that their fight is behind them and that their love it true.

The connection these two newcomers share on screen gives extra weight and believability to the narrative, and it’s wonderfully easy to get swept up in the passion and ecstasy they share. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, “Forgive Me” will resonate with and reward all who view it.

Luna & Whitney Conroy – Approaching

Luna has appeared in two previous Sexart productions – “Just the Beginning” and “Sound of Silence” – both solo masturbation films, and both directed by Alis Locanta. In his latest creation, “Approaching,” Locanta once more casts Luna, but this time she costars with Whitney Conroy. Rather than a straight-ahead, conventional girl/girl offering, “Approaching” boasts a non-linear narrative, overtones of kink, and complex, fluid, interpersonal relationships. As it opens, Whitney Conroy faces the camera, her face wearing an expression of anticipation and ambiguity. Luna approaches, from behind, and fastens a red leather collar around her neck setting up a mistress/servant dynamic.

And yet, defying expectation, even when Luna has Whitney on a leash, it is the former who services the latter. Indeed, when the setting and costumes change, it is Luna who is pleasuring Whitney. And pleasure she does! Even while cross-cutting from one location to another, Luna brings Whitney to several increasingly powerful orgasms – Luna may hold the leash, but Whitney reaps the benefits. It’s only in the closing moments of the film, under the end credits in fact, that Luna, under Whitney’s approving gaze, furiously frigs herself to ecstasy.

Approach “Approaching” with an open mind and be prepared for a beautiful, thought provoking, and thrilling lesbian experience.

Andrea P – Deus Sex Machina

A genre can be defined as: “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.” Female solo masturbation films constitute one well known and popular genre of erotic cinema. And Paul and Ilona Black’s “Deus Sex Machina” is unquestionably a female solo masturbation film. But to dismiss it simply as a genre film would be a mistake. Here the artists operate beyond definitions, outside expectations, and well beyond the limits and boundaries of genre classification.

The Blacks often explore the space between surrealism and the dream state, and “Deus Sex Machina” is very much of that territory. A factory, bathed in inky darkness. A table saw rips through wood, a furnace is stoked until it blazes. Amid the grit, grime, machinery, and other implements of industry, a woman, a redhead bathed in dancing firelight, sits. But Andrea P is no ordinary actress, and the Blacks are no ordinary filmmakers. Without ceremony or fanfare she reveals her breasts, moments later her pussy. Holding a pitcher filled with amber oil she drizzles the lubricant across her exposed slit. An immaculately manicured hand massages, rubs, strokes as oil continues to flow from the container. She douses her breasts with the liquid lube, squeezing, pinching, teasing her erect nipples. Masturbation? Absolutely. But unlike anything you’ve likely seen.

And then, the machine. Cranks and cogs, wheels and belts, somewhere an engine, a steel shaft, and there, pointing at her pussy, a rubber phallus. Ignition. “Deus Sex Machina” springs into lusty life. The images race and flicker. The machine clatters and pumps. The orgasm explodes. Yet another perfect example of why this site is called Sexart.

Lorena B & Mia Knox – You And Me

It’s a quiet, balmy evening. Lorena B and Mia Knox, chatting and flirting, walk up to a house, stopping outside the door. We can’t hear what they’re saying but the situation is all too familiar – the dinner and drinks have been enjoyed, now it’s time for a kiss goodnight…or perhaps something more. Lorena is cheerful and bright, not teasing but not encouraging. Mia is aroused, aggressive, making no attempt to conceal her desire. Lorena eventually agrees.

They go inside the house. No time for the bedroom, or even a sofa – they embrace on a coffee table and the seduction proceeds. Mia quickly helps Lorena out of her denim mini skirt and top, then savors the exposed flesh she’s been hungering for. Lorena is a willing partner, enjoying the attention, and yielding to the pleasure. They kiss, they caress, they explore, tentatively, and then with increasing intensity. It’s when they’re in the a 69 that Mia, in the superior position, pulls out the stops. She licks Lorena’s clitoris and sucks on her pussy until she’s thrusting her hips and pushing herself against Mia’s greedy mouth. After her own overpowering orgasm subsides, Lorena turns her full attention to her seducer. While Lorena rhythmically pumps two fingers in and out of Mia’s moist pussy, Knox feverishly rubs her own clit until the inevitable, exquisite, explosion arrives.

A connection is forged in love and lust in “You & Me.”