Sex Art Models

Kloffina A – Navrem

Sex Art Kloffina A - Navrem

Kloffina A is naked and ready for action. Watch as her wet, hungry lips wrap about the shaft of her lovers manhood, getting it nice and hard and extremely erect. She wastes no time in turning over for some back side action.

Il Lungo Addio

The title of Alis Locanta’s “Il Lungo Addio” means “The Long Goodbye” in English, and he’s subtitled the film “Goodbye My Love,” to underscore the theme of looming separation. And so we have a downcast Juan Lucho bidding farewell to Cayenne Klein as he drops her off at the station. But as Cayenne heads off with her luggage, and Lucho walks sadly away, the blonde has second thoughts. She joyfully returns to the arms of her lover and spontaneously cancels her trip. Back at home the couple celebrate their unbroken union by enjoying a long, loving, and joyous session of lovemaking.

Lucho expresses his love for Cayenne by treating her to an extended bout of enthusiastic cunnilingus that leaves her glowing with satisfaction and beaming with joyous affection. Ms. Klein is no less enthusiastic when it comes to administering oral delight, and delivers a thorough sucking and stroking to her lover’s throbbing tool. Next she straddles Lucho and enjoys a vigorous ride in the reverse cowgirl stance before segueing into the spoon position with orgasmic results, finally ending up on her back as Juan pumps to an ecstatic eruption.

The smiles of bliss, love, and joy on Cayenne Klein’s beautiful face speak volumes – the film may spring from the pain of separation, but the lovers so sincerely portrayed in “Il Lungo Addio” are going to stay together for a long time to come!

Nika N – Soleil

SexArt Nika N - Soleil

Exquisite, stunning, svelte Nika N is the Lioness of the jungle. Hunting her prey, she is wearing a black printed top with nothing but sheer black panties underneath.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Victoria Daniels: Vintage Collection – ENJOY

Unlike several of the previous installments of this series by Andrej Lupin, “Vintage Collection – Enjoy” is less concerned with evoking a specific era than in creating an overall nostalgic mood. It stars Ariel Piper Fawn and Victoria Daniels, and the pair spend the entire film in bed, kissing, cuddling, and making love. Ariel is the more assertive of the two and savors each step in the process of pleasuring Victoria. She starts off by giving her a massage, rubbing her back with oil, pampering Victoria’s feet and toes, and then setting to work on her front side.

After shedding her sheer nightie, Ariel slides between Victoria’s legs and uses her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers to stimulate and satisfy. The lovers enjoy a bout of sixty-nine and then Ariel gives Victoria the ultimate erotic treat by the skilled actions of her agile fingers. Once Victoria has regained her composure she’s eager to return the favor. After lavishing Ariel’s splendid breasts with attention she kisses her way down her cream-skinned torso and savors the taste of her lover’s succulence with unrestrained orgasmic results.

Offering timeless style and incomparable beauty, “Vintage Collection – Enjoy” provides pure pleasure in generous measure.

Amarna Miller – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

The late, great, writer-director, and erotic cinema innovator Zalman King created the “Girls Love Sex” series for Sexart in the final phase of his career and life. Now Alis Locanta steps into King’s imposing shoes for his own interpretation of the master’s established format with “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love,” the first installment of the “Girls Love Sex International” series. While the format doesn’t differ too greatly from the original, the film does have a distinctly European flavor.

Amarna Miller is the focus, star, and interview subject here. Seated on a couch she enthusiastically and candidly discusses her sexual history and her career as an erotic model. As the red-haired Spanish beauty grows more relaxed in the course of conversation she describes, in some detail, a relationship from her past. And when the memories of that intense and passionate entanglement overwhelm her with sensual recollections she terminates the interview and gives in to her erotic desires. What follows is an intimate, honest, sincere, and uninhibited episode of female autoeroticism.

By the time she has completely satisfied herself the viewer will be, likewise, completely satisfied, and will come away with a detailed and compelling impression of a beautiful young woman in her sexual prime. Honesty, intimacy, and explicit eroticism allow Alis Locanta’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” to speak a universally understood language.

Kleo A – Procez

SexArt Kleo A - Procez

Kleo A is a stunning brunette with a penchant for well endowed men. Playful and uninhibited she invites her lover to explore and excite her stunning body.

Mia Sollis – Etran

Sex Art Mia Sollis - Etran

Mia Sollis is asthetically pleasing, in every sense of the word. A stunning redhead with creamy alabaster skin sprinkled with freckles, and a perfectly proportioned body.

Mango A & Tracy Lindsay – Workout

Sexart director Alis Locanta begins “Be My Slave, Part Two” on a quiet, reflective note. Mango A, alone on a windy day, fondly remembers a recent sexual encounter. Next we’re in a dark bedroom where inky shadows surround a bed bathed in a single focused light. Mango A is on that bed, and Tracy Lindsay is in the process of lovingly and deliberately tying her to it, with bonds at wrists and ankles. With Mango spread-eagled and secured, Lindsay goes about having her way with her pretty submissive partner. Even though this is, by definition, a scene of dominance and submission, it retains lushly romantic, passionate elements.

Lindsay takes as much pleasure in teasing and manipulating her tethered toy as that toy enjoys being played with. And after slathering Mango’s beautiful body with slick oil and bringing her to a final, explosive orgasm, the tables turn. Mistress trades places with slave and the second movement of this Sapphic symphony begins. With Tracy now tied to the mattress, Mango employs a similar range of techniques, licking and fingering the helpless blonde to climax after climax. But Mango also ups the ante and uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate and pump Tracy’s pussy to a singularly satisfying orgasm. What’s good for the sub is good for the domme, and “Be My Slave, Part Two” is a thrilling treat for those who enjoy explicit lesbian erotica with more than a touch of kink. (Do be sure to watch it to the very end if you’d like to see exactly how juicy Mango A can be!)

Diana G – Vesuje

Sex Art Diana G - Vesuje

Relaxing and enjoying the lovely sunshine of the morning, Diana G seductively lounges in her boxer shorts and shirt. She leans back and begins to caress her lovely breasts and then slides her hand down her boxer shorts to touch her wet pussy.