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Melena A – Outlines Episode 3 – Forget the Writer

Synopsis: Alis Locanta is an amiable, warm, and personable individual. He is also a multi-talented and uncompromising artist. But he doesn’t make films to make friends or please critics, he simply follows his creative impulses, experimenting, learning, and evolving. Although he’s quite comfortable and accomplished with conventional storytelling, his recently launched “Outlines” series is anything but conventional, and “Outlines Episode 3 – Forget the Writer” is among his most unconventional films to date. Melena A, who headlined the series debut, returns in Episode 3. And, by accident or intention, she plays three “roles” in this ominous, surreal, and powerfully erotic offering. In one she’s seated in front of a manual typewriter, methodically working the heavy, mechanical keys.

In another she’s a beautiful, if modest, presence in a simple green dress. When the dress is removed however, her modesty also disappears. She disrobes, slowly. She stuffs her black panties in her mouth. A metallic ring dangles between her legs. As she grows more aroused she tugs on the ring and first one, then a second metallic sphere pops free of her silken slit. She reinserts the balls and masturbates, her moans of ecstasy muffled by the fabric in her mouth. And, finally, Melena reclines on a couch. Her face is styled to glamorous perfection. She’s clad only a pair of fishnet pantyhose. Although her pussy is wet, luridly pink, and exposed, she tears at the strands of fabric covering it. When she’s fully exposed she takes things still further. Whether you’re offended or inspired, once you’ve seen “Outlines Episode 3 – Forget the Writer” you won’t soon forget it.

Cristal Caitlin & Gala Brown – Sculptures

It doesn’t take long to understand why Andrej Lupin has titled this Sexart HD erotic feature “Sculptures.” In the opening moments Cristal Caitlin, in a white bodysuit, and Gala Brown, clad in black camisole and panties, are lounging on a white bed, in a white room with white curtains. But as time passes we realize they’re not lounging at all – they’re holding still, posing. After a cut their positions – and their poses – change. They are awake, aware, present, but execute each sculptural pose with discipline – two beautiful human artworks positioned in a gallery-like space. After several changes of pose they make contact. The movement remains stylized, but humanity slowly begins to replace artistry.

Soon they are both nude. Then Cristal is astride Gala in a sixty-nine. Cristal tongue-fucks Gala’s wet pussy. Gala sucks Cristal’s beautiful box. Gala remains on her back and Cristal moves between her spread thighs. She sucks, tongue-fucks, and vigorously fingers Gala to a sweet, moaning orgasm. Kissing and caressing follows, then Gala goes down. She teasingly licks, she skillfully fingers, she eagerly sucks Cristal’s pussy until climax sweeps through her body and a smile appears on the blonde beauty’s lips. “Sculptures” is the very picture of stylish and eye-pleasing lesbian erotic art.

Outlines Episode 2 – Riders On The Storm

While the introductory installment of Alis Locanta’s “Outlines” was bold and provocative, in style, concept, and execution, it was not, we discover in “Outlines Episode 2 – Riders on the Storm,” the launch of a rigidly formatted series. Indeed, apart from its brevity – this episode is just over six minutes long, the debut was just over eight – “Riders on the Storm” has little in common with its predecessor. Most notably, this is a girl-girl film, and while it is highly stylized – it is “a Locanta Vision,” after all – it is free of the experimental visual effects that distinguished the earlier offering.

But while the style of this episode is much more grounded in reality, it also plays with perception, point of view, and our expectations. Silvie Luca and Alexa Tomas, superficially similar but each distinctly beautiful, are costumed in nearly identical workout gear. Alexa, her skin beaded with sweat, has completed a routine on a pommel horse. From an adjacent room Silvie watches, then turns her back and impulsively begins to masturbate. In fantasy, or perhaps reality, Luca joins Tomas. She licks perspiration from Alexa’s torso, then, as Alexa balances on the apparatus, Silvie eats her to orgasm. In a parallel – or at least alternative – space, Alexa holds up a framed mirror while Silvie studies her own image.

Luca acheives pleasure by giving pleasure. Tomas receives pleasure but doesn’t reciprocate. The narrative may be inscrutable, but “Outlines Episode 2 – Riders on the Storm” is a ride well worth taking.

Ally Breelsen & Shrima Malati – Scooty Angels

Two new performers make their Sexart debuts in Andrej Lupin’s “Scooty Angels.” When we first meet Shrima Malati and Ally Breelsen they’re seated on electric scooters, revving their motors, and engaging in a playful bit of racing and riding along a seaside promenade in Spain. They soon abandon their bikes, unstrap their helmets, take off their shoes, and stroll along the shore. After cooling down at the water’s edge they retire to their bedroom where things quickly heat up. Before long both brunettes have stripped down to their white panties and Shrima is eagerly eating Ally’s smooth and succulent pussy.

Once she has Breelsen moaning with delight, Malati takes off her panties and then straddles her supine playmate’s face. After riding Ally’s mouth for several satisfying minutes, she moves into a sixty-nine during which each girl seems bent on out-eating the other. Next, as Shrima energetically masturbates, Ally takes a seat on her face, gyrating on Malati’s mouth until she reaches another peak of pleasure. When Breelsen slips two fingers into Shrima’s slit and begins licking her clit a powerful orgasm soon rolls through the petite and exotic beauty’s body. Both thoroughly satisfied by their afternoon interlude, the lovers kiss and cuddle in the afterglow. As it swings from playful innocence to scorching passion, “Scooty Angels” is a wildly enjoyable ride.

Layla Sin – Love For Sale Season 2 – Episode 5 – Rebirth

Synopsis: Alis Locanta brings the second season of his “Love For Sale” series to a close with Episode 5, that he’s subtitled “Rebirth.” Although the film’s star, Chloe Amour, experiences her own rebirth in this concluding episode, both of her female series costars – Layla Sin and Whitney Westgate – also undergo life-changing transformations in the course of the film.

With so many narrative threads, and so many tumultuous events to recount, Episode 5 is even more complex, intricate, and surprising than the four that precede it. During the interview sequences Amour reveals aspects and experiences from her past that are shocking, deeply moving, but – once things have been exposed and reconciled – lead to an ultimately uplifting and optimistic end. Amour does the lion’s share of acting here, and she delivers a convincingly raw and emotional performance, but it’s Layla Sin who delivers the central erotic content of the episode in an exceptionally sultry and surprising seduction of her devious and deceptive lover, Jay Smooth. This scene takes place at night, in the couple’s kitchen. Sin’s megawatt sensuality renders the sometimes recalcitrant Smooth powerless to resist her charms and soon he’s hungrily lapping at her steaming slit.

Then, with Sin stripped of her lingerie, he bends her over the table and begins to fuck her. Without warning the twosome abruptly change positions – Smooth takes a seat and Layla sits on his straining cock and rides it to a particularly surprising climax that really must be seen to be fully appreciated. Challenging, rewarding, and rich with the complexities of human sexuality and the search for love in the vastness of the universe, “Love For Sale, Season 2 – Episode 5 – Rebirth” not only brings the series to a satisfying conclusion, it also delivers an ultimately hopeful and inspiring message to anyone, anywhere, searching for physical and emotional connection.

Henessy A & Lindsey Olsen – Evening Passion

A detailed plot and an intricate backstory can add engaging complexity to an erotic film, but there’s also satisfaction to be found in far simpler tales. Andrej Lupin’s “Evening Passion” is a study in this minimalist type of narrative simplicity. The director has cast two appealing and distinctly different looking actresses – brunette Henessy A and blonde Lindsey Olsen – dressed them both in black panties, provided them with a bottle of massage oil, and then deftly captured the action as it unfolds.

There’s an easy, playful chemistry on display throughout the interlude even as the temperature in the room begins to rise and the nocturnal passions begin to flare. Both topless from the beginning, the lovers spend a generous amount of time simply kissing and caressing each other’s glistening bodies. Hands do eventually find their way inside panties, those panties are eagerly removed, and pussies are stroked, sucked, licked, and fingered to orgasm. Indelible highlights include Lyndsey straddling Henessy’s face and then being enthusiastically eaten; Henessy grinding her well-lubed slit against Olsen’s round rump; the spontaneous moans of delight as orgasm approaches – and giggles of satisfaction in its aftermath.

Take one beautiful young brunette, combine with a beautiful young blonde, place on a bed, coat liberally with oil, add generous helpings of lesbian heat, and the simple but rewarding result is “Evening Passion.”

Gala Brown & Naomi Nevena – Bath Tease

Synopsis: Gala Brown is drawing a bubble bath as Andrej Lupin’s “Bath Tease” begins. As she settles into the warm water Gala’s phone rings, and she begins a long, flirtatious conversation with Naomi Nevena who has only recently arrived in the area by ferry. As the conversation grows more heated Gala begins to masturbate, and so, by the time Naomi joins her, she’s already primed and eager for action. Despite the masturbatory prelude, the pace is relaxed and the mood light and playful as the girlfriends begin to get reacquainted. Kisses and affectionate caresses are shared throughout the interlude and there’s a fluid tempo to the proceedings. When Gala’s soap-slick fingers begin to push Naomi closer to ecstasy she grabs her partner’s hand and ups the intensity of her stroking until she’s moaning with satisfaction. Then Naomi has Gala move to an elevated step within the oversized bathtub so that she has full frontal access to Brown’s moist charms. Adjusting positions, shifting technique from tongue, to probing fingers, to deft clit-stroking, ensures that a steamy and satisfying time is enjoyed by both participants. Then, after Naomi has treated Gala to a gratifying final come, the twosome lather up and bathe each other, bringing “Bath Tease” to a playful, sweet, and pleasing conclusion.

Antonia Sainz – Female Power

“Female Power” might be a chanted slogan at a feminist political demonstration, it could be a plea for equality in the workplace, and it could be a simple declaration that members of the so-called “second sex” are tired of being treated as second class citizens. But in Andrej Lupin’s “Female Power” it playfully signifies the irresistible allure that a woman can use to bend a man to her will. Matt Ice is in the shower, minding his own business, when Antonia Sainz enters the bathroom.

At first she watches him from a distance, then she takes off her robe, climbs into the bathtub just outside the glass-walled shower stall, and slowly, deliberately, and with lustful calculation, begins to exert her “Female Power.” She starts by toying with her breasts. Then she slides two fingers between her legs and plays with the pouting lips of her pussy. Matt, as one might expect, snaps to full attention. At this point Sainz begins to tease Ice in earnest. She feigns a blowjob, she rubs her firm ass on the glass, she playfully tempts and taunts, earning Matt’s wide-eyed approval.

After she’s had her fun with the tease, Sainz is hungry to please, and satisfies her hunger – and Matt’s – by treating him to a blowjob punctuated by bouts of slick and skilled stroking. Now that she’s got Ice exactly where she wants him, Sainz decides she wants him somewhere else, so he enters her from behind and fucks her to peaks of pleasure. Then, with Matt seated on the edge of the tub, Sainz rides him in two positions before achieving her final climax. An arrogant or selfish female might exit the scene at this point, but Antonia’s brand of “Female Power” is loving and generous, so she treats Matt to the slippery delights of a brief tit-fuck, and then she jerks his prick until his semen spurts and splatters her chest and the immediate vicinity.

Pleasingly and playfully passionate, “Female Power” is certain to engage, entertain, and satisfy viewers regardless of gender.

Anna Rose & Lucy Li – Romance

The word brings to mind a range of images and situations. It might be the heady and intoxicating early days of a budding relationship, it could also refer to mellow and seasoned connection between two lovers after many years together, and it certainly could apply to one person’s attempts to woo and seduce a partner. But in the sense that director Andrej Lupin employs it, “Romance” is the succinct and utterly perfect description of the relationship his two gifted stars are so deeply involved in. As the film begins the encounter is already underway. Framed in tight close up, Anna Rose and Lucy Li face one another, lingering, savoring the sweet moments before their lips meet.

An updated arrangement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” ads a rich moodiness, and also mirrors the pace and tempo of the action. Love hangs heavy in this room, the yearning anticipation is nearly palpable, and the desire these two truly stunning women feel for each other will not be denied. While Lupin’s lens occasionally pulls back to provide context, for most of “Romance” it’s in close, so close it’s almost a third participant in the interlude, yet it is never obtrusive – instead it puts the viewer in the space. The texture of warm skin, the loving look in glittering eyes, a throbbing nipple, a flicking tongue, a long hank of lustrous hair – every physical detail of these stunning performers is rendered with eye-pleasing detail and painterly style. And the power of the connection, the love, the passion, the hunger, and the pleasure they give, take, and share is conveyed masterfully to the viewer.

Anna Rose and Lucy Li are perfectly cast. Similar in some ways, starkly different in others, each immerses herself so completely in the role, in the moment, in the scene, that they lose themselves in each other even as they transcend the line between acting and sharing a lush, vivid, and passionate experience. Welcome to a world of exquisite emotion and eroticism, welcome to “Romance.”

Margot A & Whitney Conroy – Waiting For You

Whitney Conroy is up to her beautiful neck in warm water and luxuriant, perfumed bubbles as “Waiting for You” begins to unfold. But Conroy’s soul-soothing bath is interrupted by the appearance of Margot A, a bottle of wine and two glasses in hand. Margot then exits the bathroom and takes a seat outside on the patio. There is no verbal invitation or instruction, and none is needed. Conroy rises from the tub and walks outside to join her lover. After drinking a toast the wine is put aside and the twosome indulge in something far more intoxicating: the pleasure of each other’s flesh.

With Margot clad in nothing more than a scant leopard print robe, Whitney gains easy access to her shapely body. She sucks and kisses Margot’s ample breasts, deep kisses her beautiful mouth, and then moves down for a long, leisurely, and loving session of cunnilingus. It’s clear from the pace and the passion of the proceedings that these lovers are finely attuned to one another. Whitney knows exactly what will deliver maximum pleasure and her lovemaking is focused, attentive, and results in a slow burn leading to a final exquisite orgasm.

Whitney has already achieved a high level of arousal by the time Margot begins to pleasure her. Teasing kisses are a prelude to skillful pussy eating, and Whitney doesn’t simply lay there and enjoy it, she’s an active participant, rocking her hips and rolling her succulence across Margot’s eagerly extended tongue. With Whitney masturbating and Margot fingering and licking away, Conroy reaches a particularly powerful full-body climax that is a joy to witness. Stylishly rendered and lovingly and passionately performed, “Waiting for You” just might be the lesbian erotic film you’ve been waiting for.

Nataly Von – Hotel Episode 2 – Deja Vu

Synopsis: Andrej Lupin’s “Hotel Episode 2 – Deja Vu” begins where the previous installment left off, with lesbian lovers Chelsy Sun and Nataly Von together in their hotel room bed. Nataly is the first to wake, and shortly after she does the film heads in an unexpected – but welcome – direction. After a leisurely shower Von, wearing only a towel, enters an adjoining room and her eyes twinkle with delight when she finds Matt Ice, asleep on the bed. She drops her towel and with gentle caresses she rouses him from his slumber.

Ice is pleasantly surprised by the arrival of this beautiful, if uninvited, guest, and they’re soon kissing. After exploring and penetrating Nataly with his fingers Ice moves to her feet, licking and sucking her toes, kissing her feet, and then feasting on her pretty pussy. Whether they’re fucking in any of several positions, or when Nataly skillfully fellates her impromptu partner, the action is punctuated and enhanced by frame-filling close-ups that underscore the emotional connection and physical attraction the couple share. Nataly is the first to reach orgasm, stroking her clit as Matt pumps her to ecstasy. And Von takes matters into her own hand seconds before Matt reaches his own peak and strokes him to a splashy finish.

There is a twist that come into play along the way, but you’ll find no spoilers here – it’s highly recommended that you check into “Hotel Episode 2” at your earliest opportunity and experience it for yourself.

Julia Roca – J&J

Synopsis: “J&J” is named for its two stars – Julia Roca and Juan Lucho – and is something of a lusty love story. And just as a romantic couple is composed to two separate individuals, “J&J” consists of two contrasting elements. Much of the film takes place during the day, in a white room with white shades that diffuse the abundant natural light. The lovers are both clad in white underwear, and they kiss with passion, desire, romance, and bit of pleasing playfulness.

It is in this daytime space that Lucho eventually goes down on Roca, and his agile and insistent tongue soon has her moaning with pleasure and absolutely beaming with love and affection for her partner. But the couple are also presented in a far different setting. Here it is obviously late at night. Dance music throbs from somewhere else in the building – perhaps they’ve wandered upstairs or backstage in a nightclub. In this unlikely spot they kiss and fondle each other, but the mood is entirely different. No less loving, no less passionate, but more raw, more edgy. And “J&J” moves between the two spaces as Julia and Juan move through an extended session of lovemaking. In the nighttime space Julia ravenously sucks and vigorously strokes Juan’s cock.

In the daytime space the tempo and intensity of Roca’s blowjob is subtly altered – it’s every bit as hot, just absent the mood and attitude of the nocturnal encounter. That daytime blowjob is followed by fucking, first in the cowgirl position, then its reverse. And through it all, even as her arousal increases, Julia is radiant, spontaneous, naturally expressive, and fully caught up in the romance and passion of the moment until orgasm overwhelms her. The scene then changes once more, and in that shadowy room the fucking continues until Lucho erupts deep inside his lover. “J&J” offers a multidimensional portrait of a couple very much in love (and lust).