Sex Art Models

Connie Carter – Sertau

SexArt Connie Carter - Sertau

Connie Carter a stunning, natural beauty that exudes not only sex appeal but confidence. Beautiful natural breasts and a lovely trimmed bush enhance her spectacular body.

Lucy Li – FLY

Unfinished drinks from the previous night sit on the bedside table. A couple, asleep in a well-rumpled bed, are awakened by a ringing phone. Still groggy, he takes the call while she pads around the room getting dressed to leave. But before she can retrieve her panties he pleads and cajoles – with little resistance, she agrees to stay. She is Lucy Li, black-haired, cream-skinned, voluptuous, and beautifully busty. He is Kristof Cale, cool, confident, and eager to pick up where the lovers left off the previous night.

Li is no less eager, and she relishes the task of sucking Cale to throbbing stiffness. She then straddles his face and plants her pussy on his mouth. Both suitably primed, the tryst proceeds at the relaxed, unhurried pace the early hour dictates – these two performers, at ease and completely comfortable together, perfectly create the mood and tempo of “morning after” lovemaking.

Andrej Lupin’s “FLY” presents a romantic morning tumble – with an unexpected twist – that is a spontaneous, natural, evocative, and extremely satisfying experience.

Sabrisse A – Irkomu

SexArt Sabrisse A - Irkomu

Sabrisse A is such a sexy seductress. She is like a siren calling her prey. Looking stunning in her teal crop top and black thong, she is ready for some private playtime.

Vanda B – Vuoro


Vanda B has a nice, big, fat, vibrating dildo for her hungry pink pussy and the bullet vibrator for her tight little rosebud. Watch as she fills both of her holes and vibrates herself to orgasmic bliss.

Melena A – Se Telefonando 2

A young woman — Russian beauty Melena A — is having an animated and lively telephone conversation as “Se Telefonando 2″ opens. Clad in cozy slippers, hot pink short-shorts, and a white top, she lounges on a rug in the living room chatting energetically. But it’s when the call ends that Alis Locanta’s film really begins. The young woman, alone and aroused, begins to caress her nubile body. She rubs the crotch of her shorts and squeezes her breasts, and her arousal rapidly escalates.

Incrementally, bit by bit, Melena’s sexual fever rises. A hand slips into her shorts, those shorts are soon pulled down, the more pleasure she gives herself, the more she craves. The shorts come off, then the blouse, and then the bra. Moaning with delight Melena strokes and fingers herself with rapidly increasing intensity. And when her plunging, sliding, frigging fingers have worked her into an inflamed state she pulls out a crystal probe and dials up the intensity higher, still. Melena’s pursuit of pleasure here is determined, focused, single-minded, raw, and relentless. And after working herself into a near frenzy with both ends of the sex toy she pushes it home and rubs her clitoris until a shattering orgasm overtakes and overwhelms her.

Dazed, drained, and completely satisfied, she collapses onto the soft rug. If you appreciate exquisite beauty and unrestrained female autoeroticism, “Se Telefonando 2″ has got your number.

Michaela Isizzu – Asyzyn

SexArt Michaela Isizzu - Asyzyn

Stunning, seductive, and captivating Michaela Isizzu is ready for a hard day at the office. Wearing a sexy animal print bustier, matching panites with a transparent back she prepares for her day. Look at her sexy, toned muscular, bare legs accented by her peeptoe stilettos. Every mans fantasy is to bend her over the desk and take her from behind, but she has her own agenda. Join her for some naughty office fun!

Kloffina A – Navrem

Sex Art Kloffina A - Navrem

Kloffina A is naked and ready for action. Watch as her wet, hungry lips wrap about the shaft of her lovers manhood, getting it nice and hard and extremely erect. She wastes no time in turning over for some back side action.

Il Lungo Addio

The title of Alis Locanta’s “Il Lungo Addio” means “The Long Goodbye” in English, and he’s subtitled the film “Goodbye My Love,” to underscore the theme of looming separation. And so we have a downcast Juan Lucho bidding farewell to Cayenne Klein as he drops her off at the station. But as Cayenne heads off with her luggage, and Lucho walks sadly away, the blonde has second thoughts. She joyfully returns to the arms of her lover and spontaneously cancels her trip. Back at home the couple celebrate their unbroken union by enjoying a long, loving, and joyous session of lovemaking.

Lucho expresses his love for Cayenne by treating her to an extended bout of enthusiastic cunnilingus that leaves her glowing with satisfaction and beaming with joyous affection. Ms. Klein is no less enthusiastic when it comes to administering oral delight, and delivers a thorough sucking and stroking to her lover’s throbbing tool. Next she straddles Lucho and enjoys a vigorous ride in the reverse cowgirl stance before segueing into the spoon position with orgasmic results, finally ending up on her back as Juan pumps to an ecstatic eruption.

The smiles of bliss, love, and joy on Cayenne Klein’s beautiful face speak volumes – the film may spring from the pain of separation, but the lovers so sincerely portrayed in “Il Lungo Addio” are going to stay together for a long time to come!

Nika N – Soleil

SexArt Nika N - Soleil

Exquisite, stunning, svelte Nika N is the Lioness of the jungle. Hunting her prey, she is wearing a black printed top with nothing but sheer black panties underneath.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Victoria Daniels: Vintage Collection – ENJOY

Unlike several of the previous installments of this series by Andrej Lupin, “Vintage Collection – Enjoy” is less concerned with evoking a specific era than in creating an overall nostalgic mood. It stars Ariel Piper Fawn and Victoria Daniels, and the pair spend the entire film in bed, kissing, cuddling, and making love. Ariel is the more assertive of the two and savors each step in the process of pleasuring Victoria. She starts off by giving her a massage, rubbing her back with oil, pampering Victoria’s feet and toes, and then setting to work on her front side.

After shedding her sheer nightie, Ariel slides between Victoria’s legs and uses her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers to stimulate and satisfy. The lovers enjoy a bout of sixty-nine and then Ariel gives Victoria the ultimate erotic treat by the skilled actions of her agile fingers. Once Victoria has regained her composure she’s eager to return the favor. After lavishing Ariel’s splendid breasts with attention she kisses her way down her cream-skinned torso and savors the taste of her lover’s succulence with unrestrained orgasmic results.

Offering timeless style and incomparable beauty, “Vintage Collection – Enjoy” provides pure pleasure in generous measure.