Sex Art Models

Lucy Li – With Love

Intimacy and sincerity are two of the key ingredients in Andrej Lupin’s ode to romance, “With Love.” Raven-haired Lucy Li stands in the bathroom performing that most mundane of tasks, brushing her teeth. Her lover, William Zeff, watches, entranced, from the hallway before stepping into the room and joining the object of his affection. The mood is casual, relaxed, just another day of cohabitational bliss. But Zeff can’t keep his hands off of Li, and once she’s done brushing, she warms to his advances. Soon he’s on his knees making love to Lucy with his mouth and tongue. Scooping her up in his arms he then carries her to the comfort of a sofa in the living room, and here the central act of love in “With Love” takes place.

The scene – the entire film, in fact – flows at a natural, spontaneous pace, and the on-camera chemistry the twosome display lends an irresistible air of romance to the proceedings. And proceed, they do. After warming up with kisses and caressing, Lucy gets on all fours and William enters her from behind. The couple transition effortlessly into several sexual positions, each yielding additional and rapidly accumulating pleasure. Then, on her back after experiencing her own vocal climax, Li grabs Zeff’s erection and strokes it until he ejaculates explosively on her stunningly voluptuous body. In the shower, afterwards, the besotted and generous beau strokes Lucy’s lather-lubed slit and clit to a final climax. “With Love”? Absolutely. But also with tenderness, passion, affection, intensity, and pure joy.

Paula Shy – Ricorno

SexArt Paula Shy - Ricorno

Paula Shy may look shy as she casually leans against the staircase in her transparent, soft pink gown. Look again as she begins to caress her breast and her hands slips down between her legs. Uninhibited, she spreads her smooth, meaty pink lips and enjoys some digital penetration that leads to a welcomed orgasm. With a pretty smile on her face, you can see ultimate satisfaction.

Miela A – Pedim

SexArt Miela A - Pedim

Lying back relaxing on her burnt umber sofa, Miela A has something on her mind. Wearing nothing but a white, lacy bra and panties, her thoughts begin to wander and she slowly takes off her bra to expose her perfectly round, supple breasts. It’s not long before her panties slide down and she exposes her stunning, smooth, plump pussy lips. Her glass dildo appears and she is ready for some erotic solo masturbation.

Timea Bella – Detta

SexArt Timea Bella - Detta

Timea Bella looks brash, bold and alluring as she strategically poses in her black bra and panties in front of an abstract painting. In a stunning frontal view she exposes her naked body, only to turn around and give you an up close and personal look of her smooth, pink pussy and pretty pink rosebud. She is ready for some finger fucking fun!

Alyssa Reece & Mango A – 2 Jealous

In “2 Jealous,” director-writer Alis Locanta reexamines a subject he has explored before, most notably in an earlier work titled “Jealousy.” It’s a powerful emotion, and it can have profoundly destructive effects in a relationship. But, if it can be understood and conquered, it can also strengthen a romantic bond. And so it is in “2 Jealous.” Mango A returns in the early morning after a night of innocent fun with friends.

Her lover, Alyssa Reece, jealous and angry, accuses her of infidelity. While Mango proclaims her innocence Alyssa’s anger builds until it explodes. Suddenly realizing that she’s hurting the woman she loves, and that she’s putting their romance at risk, Alyssa breaks down and apologizes. The twosome retreat to the soft, cozy comfort of their bed, and begin the slow, emotionally charged, and erotically intense act of after-argument lovemaking. The fury of their fight is quickly forgotten and Mango proceeds to tenderly pleasure her partner. Alyssa’s hunger for Mango’s affection and attention is intense and she’s soon at the edge of orgasmic ecstasy.

But rather than give in and succumb to climax, Alyssa begs Mango to stop so that she can taste her lover’s sex. By the time “2 Jealous” reaches it’s orgasmic conclusion, thanks to a feverish session of mutual masturbation, the incident and emotion that triggered their fight are both long forgotten, jealousy and any negative emotions have been banished, and love, pleasure, and romantic connection have returned. “2 Jealous” is beautifully performed and filmed, and it’s supremely satisfying, too.

Connie Carter – Sertau

SexArt Connie Carter - Sertau

Connie Carter a stunning, natural beauty that exudes not only sex appeal but confidence. Beautiful natural breasts and a lovely trimmed bush enhance her spectacular body.

Lucy Li – FLY

Unfinished drinks from the previous night sit on the bedside table. A couple, asleep in a well-rumpled bed, are awakened by a ringing phone. Still groggy, he takes the call while she pads around the room getting dressed to leave. But before she can retrieve her panties he pleads and cajoles – with little resistance, she agrees to stay. She is Lucy Li, black-haired, cream-skinned, voluptuous, and beautifully busty. He is Kristof Cale, cool, confident, and eager to pick up where the lovers left off the previous night.

Li is no less eager, and she relishes the task of sucking Cale to throbbing stiffness. She then straddles his face and plants her pussy on his mouth. Both suitably primed, the tryst proceeds at the relaxed, unhurried pace the early hour dictates – these two performers, at ease and completely comfortable together, perfectly create the mood and tempo of “morning after” lovemaking.

Andrej Lupin’s “FLY” presents a romantic morning tumble – with an unexpected twist – that is a spontaneous, natural, evocative, and extremely satisfying experience.

Sabrisse A – Irkomu

SexArt Sabrisse A - Irkomu

Sabrisse A is such a sexy seductress. She is like a siren calling her prey. Looking stunning in her teal crop top and black thong, she is ready for some private playtime.

Vanda B – Vuoro


Vanda B has a nice, big, fat, vibrating dildo for her hungry pink pussy and the bullet vibrator for her tight little rosebud. Watch as she fills both of her holes and vibrates herself to orgasmic bliss.

Melena A – Se Telefonando 2

A young woman — Russian beauty Melena A — is having an animated and lively telephone conversation as “Se Telefonando 2″ opens. Clad in cozy slippers, hot pink short-shorts, and a white top, she lounges on a rug in the living room chatting energetically. But it’s when the call ends that Alis Locanta’s film really begins. The young woman, alone and aroused, begins to caress her nubile body. She rubs the crotch of her shorts and squeezes her breasts, and her arousal rapidly escalates.

Incrementally, bit by bit, Melena’s sexual fever rises. A hand slips into her shorts, those shorts are soon pulled down, the more pleasure she gives herself, the more she craves. The shorts come off, then the blouse, and then the bra. Moaning with delight Melena strokes and fingers herself with rapidly increasing intensity. And when her plunging, sliding, frigging fingers have worked her into an inflamed state she pulls out a crystal probe and dials up the intensity higher, still. Melena’s pursuit of pleasure here is determined, focused, single-minded, raw, and relentless. And after working herself into a near frenzy with both ends of the sex toy she pushes it home and rubs her clitoris until a shattering orgasm overtakes and overwhelms her.

Dazed, drained, and completely satisfied, she collapses onto the soft rug. If you appreciate exquisite beauty and unrestrained female autoeroticism, “Se Telefonando 2″ has got your number.

Michaela Isizzu – Asyzyn

SexArt Michaela Isizzu - Asyzyn

Stunning, seductive, and captivating Michaela Isizzu is ready for a hard day at the office. Wearing a sexy animal print bustier, matching panites with a transparent back she prepares for her day. Look at her sexy, toned muscular, bare legs accented by her peeptoe stilettos. Every mans fantasy is to bend her over the desk and take her from behind, but she has her own agenda. Join her for some naughty office fun!