Sex Art Models

Mia Sollis – Etran

Sex Art Mia Sollis - Etran

Mia Sollis is asthetically pleasing, in every sense of the word. A stunning redhead with creamy alabaster skin sprinkled with freckles, and a perfectly proportioned body.

Mango A & Tracy Lindsay – Workout

Sexart director Alis Locanta begins “Be My Slave, Part Two” on a quiet, reflective note. Mango A, alone on a windy day, fondly remembers a recent sexual encounter. Next we’re in a dark bedroom where inky shadows surround a bed bathed in a single focused light. Mango A is on that bed, and Tracy Lindsay is in the process of lovingly and deliberately tying her to it, with bonds at wrists and ankles. With Mango spread-eagled and secured, Lindsay goes about having her way with her pretty submissive partner. Even though this is, by definition, a scene of dominance and submission, it retains lushly romantic, passionate elements.

Lindsay takes as much pleasure in teasing and manipulating her tethered toy as that toy enjoys being played with. And after slathering Mango’s beautiful body with slick oil and bringing her to a final, explosive orgasm, the tables turn. Mistress trades places with slave and the second movement of this Sapphic symphony begins. With Tracy now tied to the mattress, Mango employs a similar range of techniques, licking and fingering the helpless blonde to climax after climax. But Mango also ups the ante and uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate and pump Tracy’s pussy to a singularly satisfying orgasm. What’s good for the sub is good for the domme, and “Be My Slave, Part Two” is a thrilling treat for those who enjoy explicit lesbian erotica with more than a touch of kink. (Do be sure to watch it to the very end if you’d like to see exactly how juicy Mango A can be!)

Diana G – Vesuje

Sex Art Diana G - Vesuje

Relaxing and enjoying the lovely sunshine of the morning, Diana G seductively lounges in her boxer shorts and shirt. She leans back and begins to caress her lovely breasts and then slides her hand down her boxer shorts to touch her wet pussy.

Nastya K – Pirina

Sex Art Nastya K - Pirina

Fresh and captivating Nastya K will melt your heart with her huge brown eyes and look of innocence. She may look sweet and innocent, but this nubile is no stranger to displaying her naked body and playing with her glass dildo.

Luna & Whitney Conroy – The Writer – Night Train

In “The Writer – Night Train,” the ninth episode of Alis Locanta’s ambitious, long form erotic serial, the central conflict of the story is the focus. Luna, “The Writer” of the title, is a woman trapped between two lovers. On one side we have Whitney Conroy, a neighbor, who has fallen deeply in love with Luna. On the other we have Franck Franco who, after several mistakes and missteps in his relationship with Luna, is even more in love with her than before. Whitney is tugging Luna in one direction, and Franck, hoping that a change of location will allow his love affair with Luna to flourish, is tugging her in an entirely different direction. Luna feels trapped, alone, helpless to resist the desires and decisions others are making about her and her future. As usual, when plagued by a problem in her personal life, Luna seeks comfort in her work, and continues to flesh out her narrative in written words. As the story develops several torrid erotic encounters unfold.

In the first, Whitney Conroy and Luna, nude and facing each other from opposite ends of a sofa, masturbate to feverish and intense orgasms – they never touch, but the element of voyeurism and exhibitionism adds a powerful element to an already scorching scene. Luna eats Whitney’s pussy while fingering her to climax in a subsequent scene, and Luna, after a heartbreaking confrontation with Franco, masturbates in the shower while fantasizing that Whitney is in there with her, making love to her, until sadness gives way to orgasmic pleasure. The increasingly complex story, complete with an ambiguous surprise ending, makes “The Writer – Night Train” a thought-provoking and thrilling ride.

Michelle H & Tracy A – Itace

Sex Art Michelle H & Tracy A - Itace

Michelle H and Tracy A make such a lovely contrasting couple. Stunning Tracy A, blonde bombshell and exquisite Michelle H, the hot redheaded siren. What more could a man ask for? Both wearing sexy while lingerie and slowly undressing each other and passionately kissing and fondling each other.

Milena D – Absona

SexArt Milena D - Absona

Milena D is a young, playful nubile with a very naughty streak. Wearing a pretty white lace dress and white ankle socks she displays the look of innocence. Standing against her white headboard she spreads her legs to expose her young, smooth pantiless pussy.
A teenage delight.

Aiko Bell & Alyssa Reece – Faith

The sky is overcast, leaden. A bitter wind blows through the bleak, wintry landscape. Aiko Bell, her face a mask of grief and melancholy, walks, alone in the chill. Alyssa Reece, in voice-over, expresses concern for her grieving friend. Reece wants to help comfort and console, but Bell’s sadness keeps her walled-off and at a distance. But finally that wall comes down. Then, inside and in a warm, intimate setting, that distance is diminished. A falling tear is replaced by a tentative kiss. A comforting cuddle becomes a loving caress. And slowly, minute by minute, Bell’s mood lifts.

The couple embrace, and their emotional love is expressed in a beautiful, physical, manner. Reece, in her second Sexart feature, initiated this contact, and takes the lead, moving between Bell’s legs and delicately and deftly bringing her to the sweet release of orgasm. Aiko Bell, a first-timer at Sexart, is willing and eager to repay the favor, and uses fingers and tongue to do exactly that. We never learn what has been so troubling to Bell, but by the end of “Faith” her depression has been washed away by the healing power of love, affection, and erotic ecstasy. Can loving sex mend a broken heart? See for yourself in “Faith.”

Melena A – Setoide

SexArt Melena A - Setoide

Melena A looks lovely in her summery lime green dress and peep toe stiletto heels. Sitting on her wicker chair she gives you a peek at her smooth, pink pussy. Off come the panties for some serious digital probing and penetration.

Lorena B – Laristena

SexArt Lorena B - Laristena

Lorena B is in the spotlight looking provocative and demur. Just look at her mischievous smile as she poses in the spotlight with just her bra and panties on. Once she removes panties you can see her plump hairy pussy that is waiting for penetration from her bright red beads.

Luna & Sophie Lynx & Whitney Conroy – The Writer – Formar Palabras

Even though his characters are well established, and even though the story line has been well defined, Alis Locanta’s “The Writer” series continues to twist, turn, and surprise. In the eighth installment, “The Writer – Formar Palabras,” a new player, Sophie Lynx, makes her entrance. In headliner Luna’s constantly evolving narrative, Lynx is paired with Luna’s lover, portrayed by Franck Franco, and their relationship is anything but typical. Here the motivations are overwhelming attraction as well as the hunger for new, unconventional experiences.

In two scenes that toy and experiment with notions of bondage, domination, and submission, the couple suck, eat, and fuck each other with heightened abandoned. And, true to previous episodes in the series, Luna’s own sex life amplifies and reflects the action unfolding in her fictional works in progress. This finds her not only masturbating with feverish intensity but also engaging in exceptionally powerful bouts of lesbian sex with her lover/neighbor, the ever-intriguing, ever-insatiable Whitney Conroy.

Fans of the series as well as newcomers will find both satisfaction and surprises aplenty in “The Writer – Formar Palabras.”